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By: David Intersimone

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    CodeRage III - December 1-5, 2008 - sessions and registration are anow live!

The conference session list, agenda, and the registration page for the CodeRage III Virtual Developer and Database Conference, December 1-5, are now live online.

Hosted in conjunction with CodeGear Education Services – CodeRage III is the virtual developer conference designed with one goal in mind accelerating your productivity. We have a stellar line up of expert speakers, an awesome program of technical sessions, and even some sessions on wild, fun, and crazy uses of technology.

CodeRage III home page -

Conference Agenda -

Sessions (more to come) -

Registration link -

Live interactive CodeRage chat available at:

    Change Manager

Embarcadero Change Manager offers database administrators and developers a powerful set of tools to simplify and automate the database change management lifecycle. Change Manager's schema compare and alter, data compare and synchronization, and configuration auditing capabilities report on database changes, roll out new releases, and pinpoint database performance problems that result from both planned and unplanned changes.

Webinar: More Databases? More Data? More Change? …One Solution!

This webinar Thursday, November 20, 2008 - 10:30am GMT

Register Now -

Product home page -

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    Upcoming Conferences, Events and Webinars

Bridging the Gap between CodeGear and DatabaseGear.

For all CodeGear users who are interested in exploring the DatabaseGear solutions we are organizing an exclusive webinar.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008 - 10:00 (GMT), 11:00 (CET)

Register Now -

Webinar: Agile Database Development

Tuesday, November 11, 2008 - 10:00 AM PST (1:00 PM EST / 6:00 PM GMT)

Register Now -

Webinar: Delphi and C++Builder - Something new and things unknown Thursday, November 13, 2008 - 11:00-12:00 PST

Register Now -

Webinar: More Databases? More Data? More Change? …One Solution!

This webinar will address some of the major challenges facing DBAs and Database Professionals today.

Thursday, November 20, 2008 - 10:30am GMT

Register Now -

2008 PASS Community Summit - November 18-21 - Seattle, WA -

CodeGear Webinars -

European Event Calendar -

    Recent Articles and blog posts

10 Reasons for using ER/Studio's collaborative repository -

That which is old is new again -

VCL for PHP Charting components – Introduction -

Memories of Turbo Pascal version 1.0 - Wayne Williams, United States -

Delphi 2009 Update 1 is now live -

Value of Work Flow -

Delphi Prism -

On Separation Anxiety -

Release Notes for Update 1 (Delphi and C++Builder 2009) - This is the Readme file for Update 1 to Delphi and C++Builder 2009. -

What's New in Delphi and C++Builder 2009 - This help topic describes all the new features of Delphi 2009 and C++Builder 2009. -

Member services - Use our member services to view your product registration information, duplicate accounts, and more -

Delphi 2009 Videos -

Delphi 2009 Online Resources -

Turbo Pascal version 1.0 Byte Magazine ad and the 8-Queens benchmark -

    Embarcadero News and In the News

Embarcadero Shines Light on Delphi Prism .NET Development System for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux - New .NET tool enables developers to rapidly build Web, RIA and desktop applications with .NET and Mono -

ER/Studio Enterprise Portal in DM Review! -

    Reporting product problems and feature suggestions using Quality Central

Quality Central is a "request" box for CodeGear customers. When someone posts a "request," other community members can agree, disagree, rate, vote, or comment on that topic. These requests will be problem reports, feature suggestions, ideas for community articles, requests for content on the CodeGear web site, and so on.

    Write or translate a CDN article and get paid!

The CodeGear Developer Network "Get Published" Web application allows you to contribute technical articles, news, opinion essays, interviews and other articles.

You can also translate an existing article into your spoken language. Many of the articles listed above were written by CDN members. If your article is published, we'll even pay you for it! Do you have knowledge to share with other members? Write it up and head for

    Find Solutions Fast in Code Central

Code Central is a database driven repository of code samples, components, projects, models, patterns, tools, and more. Code Central allows you to store, search, and retrieve submissions by product, category, date updated, submitter, copyright type, or keyword. Quick links are provided to the most popular authors, popular downloads and highest rated entries. Code Central is your community repository. Feel free to contribute and share your examples with CDN members.

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