About GetPublished

By: Yorai Aminov

Abstract: Information about GetPublished, CDN’s content management system.

GetPublished is the Developer Network's content submission and management system. It allows community members to submit content, and implements a community-driven review and publishing process.


GetPublished is an ASP.NET application written in CodeGear RAD Studio 2007. Pages are created dynamically based on the current request and the identity of the logged-on user. Submitted documents are managed by Document Adapters, which are classes that read documents in multiple formats and convert them to standard HTML which can then be presented on the Developer Network. The following document adapters are currently supported:

  • The Word document adapter reads a single Microsoft Word document (in native or XML format), converts the text to well-formed HTML, extracts embedded images, corrects certain styles, and extracts information such as the title and author's name based on predefined styles.
  • The HTML document adapter accepts a single HTML file, or a ZIP archive containing the file and referenced images. It parses the HTML and converts it to well-formed HTML, which it then cleans up for presentation.
  • The MediaWiki and Creole adapters accept Wiki text and convert it to HTML.

In addition to format conversion, document adapters also create a table of contents, generate a printer-friendly version of the document, and apply additional formatting, such as collapsible sections, link anchors, and thumbnails for large images.

Other tools and technologies used by GetPublished include #ziplib, the Microsoft Word 2003 XML SDK, FCKeditor, and Html Agility Pack.

    Bug Reports and Discussions

As with many other CDN applications, the development of GetPublished is an ongoing effort. New and improved features will be made available in the future. You can report bugs and post feature requests in the GetPublished area in QualityCentral, and discuss the system on the Website forum.


Many people contributed to the building and testing of this application – including Yorai Aminov, John Kaster, Jonathan Benedicto, David Clegg, Robert Love, Gillmer Derge, Tom Lam, Leonel Togniolli, Christine Ellis, TeamB, and of course the community members, who read and write articles on the Developer Network.

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