CodeGear recognized for innovation in SD Times 100 for 2008

By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract: CodeGear named one of the top 100 software development companies for 2008 by SD Times

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CodeGear has been named one of the SD Times 100 for 2008, recognized in the IDE category.

“2007 was a great year for development environments. With a new version of Eclipse arriving in the summer, NetBeans 6.0 hitting the Web during the fall, and IntelliJ IDEA getting a bump to version 7.0 in between, Java users had a lot of new things to play with. Of course, Microsoft developers also had new toys: add-ons, plug-ins and time savers brought into Visual Studio. Even the scripting languages got the royal treatment, as new IDEs from ActiveState and CodeGear brought innovative development tools to these new languages.”

CodeGear is proud to continue our innovation with the introduction of new products last year including Delphi for PHP - the first visual rapid development solution for PHP, and 3rdRail – a full featured IDE for Ruby on Rails.

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And remember, CodeGear’s innovation doesn’t stop with our new products. We’ve also brought great new innovations to many of our products over the past year including new Application Factories in JBuilder, a new level of Java and .NET interoperability in the Blackfish SQL database, the first commercial IDE support for Windows Vista development in C++Builder and Delphi, new modernization solutions with Delphi/400, new journaling and backup functionality in the InterBase database, and new advances in the Delphi language in CodeGear RAD Studio.

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