Java Application Factories Webinar - Replay

By: Anders Ohlsson

Abstract: Ravi Kumar presents Application Factories, and teaches you how to transfer knowledge between team members

To get a perspective, let's step back and look at software development today. Over the last few decades a ton of applications has been written and thanks to open source, a large part of it is in the public domain. The capability as well as the complexity of applications has continued to grow exponentially. Most applications are developed in teams, often geographically distributed. Most applications have evolved over a number of years with many nuances, patterns and best practices very specific to each application, and a tremendous flux of personnel leave their fingerprints through the evolution of the application. The major challenge in application development today is to factor in application-specific information.

One of the most persistent problems faced by all developers is how to transfer knowledge between team members. For example, how does an architect indicate intent in code for subsequent developers to build on?

In this replay from May 27th, 2008, Ravi Kumar, Principal Architect for JBuilder, introduces Application Factories with real world examples of this powerful development paradigm and how to effectively build reusable software assets effectively.  He also shows how to consume and produce Application Factory modules.

Watch the replay (SWF) - 1hr 57min

Download the replay (zip) - 65MB

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