Release Notes: Apr08 Hotfix for CodeGear RAD Studio 2007

By: Masahiro Arai

Abstract: Release Notes: Apr08 Hotfix for CodeGear RAD Studio 2007

    Release Notes: Apr08 Hotfix for CodeGear RAD Studio 2007

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You can obtain the Apr08 Hotfix installer download from the Registered User Downloads Site.

Important: This Apr08 Hotfix installer does not use MSI. It renames your current files by giving them a .bak extension. Then it copies the new updated files to the correct location. Since this installer does not interact with MSI, this means that if you run a MSI repair after installing this update, your updated files will get overwritten with the original files.


This Hotfix can be applied to:

Product CodeGear RAD Studio, C++Builder, or Delphi for Win32
Version 2007
Update level      December 2007 Update (11.0.2890.10344)
Editions Professional, Enterprise, or Architect
Languages English, German, French, or Japanese

Important: The Apr08 Hotfix cannot be applied to prior software versions. You must update RAD Studio to the update level listed above to be able to install and use this hotfix. To determine if you have the December 2007 Update installed, please select Help>About and look at the Update versions section.

This software hotfix is being provided to licensed users of CodeGear RAD Studio 2007, C++Builder 2007, and Delphi 2007 for Win32. Installation and use are governed by the license statement for CodeGear RAD Studio 2007.


  1. Before installing, you must shut down your RAD Studio IDE.

  2. Download the Apr08 Hotfix from the Registered User Downloads Site.

  3. After you have downloaded the Apr08 Hotfix, install the hotfix by double-clicking the .exe file.

  4. Follow through the screens. When you click Next to begin the install, you should see a report listing the files that will be updated.

  5. To verify that the hotfix has been installed, go to Program Files\CodeGear\RAD Studio\5.0\bin, and check that the versions of delphicoreide100.bpl and bcbide100.bpl are 2987.10779.

    List of Fixes

Description of updates that are included in this hotfix:

1. AV when implicitly building C++ static library project as a dependency of another project.

Quality Central Tracking Number(s): 56584

Internal Tracking Number(s): 257090

Files affected: bcbide100.bpl and bcbide100.jdbg

2. Compiling more than 100 packages at a time can result in IDE instability and spurious build errors.

Quality Central Tracking Number(s): 51825

Internal Tracking Number(s): 257122

Files affected: dcc100.dll, dcc100.jdbg, dcc110il.dll and dcc110il.jdbg

3. Improve F1 Code Editor help for Delphi and Delphi.NET.

Quality Central Tracking Number(s): N/A

Internal Tracking Number(s): 166978

Files affected: HtmlHelp2120.bpl

4. Delphi Win32 compiler generates misaligned data structures causing AV.

Quality Central Tracking Number(s): 57300

Internal Tracking Number(s): 257295

Files affected: dcc32.exe, dcc100.dll and related .map and .jdbg files

5. AV when evaluating expression using Evaluate/Modify or setting Watch and Tooltip evaluation access violation.

Quality Central Tracking Number(s): 29214

Internal Tracking Number(s): 240161

Files affected: dbrtl.dcp

6. Code Completion for Delphi (Win32 and .NET) omits valid symbols from a ancestor classes.

Quality Central Tracking Number(s): 54027

Internal Tracking Number(s): 256083

Files affected: delphicoreide100.bpl

7. Hardware exception can occur when using dynamically linked runtime libraries and exceptions.

Quality Central Tracking Number(s): N/A

Internal Tracking Number(s): 257845

Files affected: cc3280mt.dll

8. Memory leak in the TOXDOMImplementation class of OpenXML.

Quality Central Tracking Number(s): 50763

Internal Tracking Number(s): 254291

Files affected: Xmlrtl100 package (and .dcp ); Oxmldom.pas, and the 2 dcus for it (release and debug)

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