The 2008 Delphi Survey

By: Nick Hodges

Abstract: This document discusses the 2008 Delphi Survey and how to take it.

  The 2008 Delphi Survey is out.

The main survey link is in English, but we’ll be translating the survey into as many languages as possible. If you aren’t comfortable with the English version, please check back as we get new versions posted.

If you prefer to take the survey one question at a time, you may do so.

We use this survey to determine how our customers use Delphi, what they want going forward, and to decide what our future plans should be. We appreciate the time that you guys take to fill this out. Your feedback is very valuable and important to us.

If you’d like to help out with translating, please contact We’d appreciate any and all translation help.

English Version

Japanese Version

Portuguese Version

Traditional Chinese Version

Simplified Chinese Version

Korean Version

Turkish Version

German Version

Spanish Version

Russian Version

Polish Version

French Version – Coming Soon!

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