How to Plug 3rd-Party Help into RAD Studio Help

By: Dee Elling

Abstract: How to add help to the RAD Studio Help system using the H2Reg utility from The Helpware Group.

You can plug your help into RAD Studio Help using the plug-in feature of the Microsoft Help2 system and the H2Reg utility from The Helpware Group. Your help will show up under the RAD Studio namespace and the IDE will treat it as part of the RAD Studio Help system.

If you do not have the H2Reg registration tool, you can use the one that is installed with RAD Studio. Important: you cannot redistribute H2Reg with your own product. Purchase your own license at The Helpware Group.

  1. Create your help project.
  2. Check your task manager and stop DExplore.exe. You cannot change a namespace registration while DExplore.exe is running.
  3. Edit your h2reg.ini file to add the information to plug-in your namespace into the RAD Studio namespace, borland.bds5. For example, if your namespace is called Foo, then add the following line in the [Reg_Plugin] section of your h2reg.ini file:
  4. Add same line in the [UnReg_Plugin] section.
  5. Save your h2reg.ini file.
  6. Register your help to its own namespace. See the H2Reg instructions. This process also plugs your help into RAD Studio Help.
  7. Start the RAD Studio Help. Your help should now be available.

When you apply future RAD Studio Help Updates, 3rd party help will not be affected.

If you uninstall RAD Studio Help, 3rd party help that is plugged into it will also be uninstalled.

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