Important RAD Studio Update Information

By: Dee Elling

Abstract: Special information about the December 2007 Update for Delphi 2007 for Win32 and C++ Builder 2007.

    Important RAD Studio Update Information

Special information regarding the December 2007 Update for Delphi 2007 for Win32 and C++ Builder 2007.

This software update is being provided to licensed users of Delphi® 2007 for Win32® and C++Builder® 2007. Installation and use are governed by the license statement for those products.

This update applies to:

* Delphi 2007 for Win32 Professional and Enterprise editions

* C++Builder 2007 Professional and Enterprise editions

This update will perform the following steps:

* Uninstall your previous version of the product

* Download the required zip files (~400MB - 700MB) for your product installation and extract them

* Perform the installation of the new version of the product

Therefore, this upgrade process may last a couple hours. The machine should be connected to the internet during this time. Information in the registry will not be deleted so third party components will still be available after the upgrade.

After the upgrade has completed, the version of the build displayed in the Help->About box will be 2804.9245.

Installing Rave Report is an install option. If you previously installed Rave Reports, you should install the new Rave Reports that will be compatible with this version of the product.

    What does this update do?

This update will provide numerous bug fixes to the product.  A list of those fixes can be found here.

    Upgrading via the Automatic Upgrade Mechanism

If you have Delphi 2007 for Win32 or C++Builder 2007 installed and you selected "Check for Updates Automatically", you should automatically be notified when the December 2007 Update is available for download. Click the notification and follow the instructions to download and install the Update.

For more information on using the Auto Update mechanism, see

    Manually Checking for Updates

If you don't receive an automatic notification about the Update, you can check for updates manually:

* Select Start | Programs | CodeGear RAD Studio | Check for updates.

* In the list of available updates, select the December 2007 Update.

    Downloading from the Registered Users Web Page

The December 2007 Update is also available for download from the Delphi and C++Builder registered users download pages at and

Download setup.exe to your computer and run setup.exe /upgrade to install the update.

Note: You should avoid stopping the Update installation once it has started. If you stop the installation process before it has completed, the automatic notification about the December 2007 Update may not work anymore. If this is the case, you can download the Setup.exe from the Registered Users Web Page.

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