ASP.NET Performance, Troubleshooting, and Monitoring

By: John Kaster

Abstract: References and notes on ASP.NET performance, troubleshooting, and monitoring

Many of the web applications we provide on the CodeGear developer network use an ASP.NET runtime. As the applications have become more advanced, and we've added features and users, we've experienced stability or performance issues with them. The "black box" nature of the ASP.NET runtime is a boon for application deployment, and a curse when it comes to figuring out exactly where the problems lie with a given application.

Here are some references we've found that provide useful information regarding the ASP.NET runtime in a scalable environment (an environment for millions of users).

If you're deploying ASP.NET applications to your users, I hope you find this collection of references useful. We're continually improving our toolset for scalable web development here at CodeGear, and I'll update this and other documents on the Developer Network with some more information on these tools as we ready them for ASP.NET 2.x and above. We're using Highlander to develop these ASP.NET 2.x utilities.

John Kaster

Internet Services Architect


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