Hotfix 13 for Borland Developer Studio 2006

By: David Powell

Abstract: Abstract: Hotfix 13 for Borland Developer Studio 2006 is now available

  Hotfix 12

Hotfix 12 for Borland Developer Studio 2006 is now available at from the link "Hotfixes for Borland Developer Studio 2006" on any of the Turbo or BDS registered users download pages, such as the C++Builder 2006 registered user downloads page

BDS2006 Update 2 Hotfix 12

This software patch is being provided to licensed users of Borland Developer Studio 2006. Installation and use is governed by the license statement for Borland Developer Studio 2006.

This Hotfix applies to:

Product: Borland Developer Studio

Version: 2006

Update level: Update 2

Editions: Professional, Enterprise, Architect, Turbo

Languages: English, German, French, Japanese

Description of updates that are included in this hotfix:

This hotfix contains fixes for a memory leak in the compiler when building projects and a codegen bug when comparing signed and unsigned integers. Use these in place of earlier versions of bcc32.exe and comp32x.dll.

Memory leak:

Quality Central Tracking Number(s): 25686

Internal Tracking Number(s): 239131


Quality Central Tracking Number(s): 43768

Internal Tracking Number(s): 243073

Install instructions:

  1. Create a backup of the existing bcc32.exe and comp32x.dll files in your BDS bin directory (by default C:\Program Files\Borland\BDS\4.0\bin), in case you need to revert to them later.
  2. Copy hotfix versions of bcc32.exe and comp32x.dll to your BDS bin directory, replacing the old versions of bcc32.exe and comp32x.dll.

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