How to migrate a JBuilder 9 (or prior) EJB project into JBuilder 2007?

By: Christopher Moeller

Abstract: Workaround for migrating a JBuilder 9, 8, 7... J2EE project into JBuilder 2007


How to migrate a JBuilder 9 or previous J2EE project into JBuilder 2007?


Before JBuilder X, the EJB module deployment descriptors were all concatinated into a single file called the <module name>.ejbgrpx file.

One solution would be to grab a copy of JBuilder X, 2005, or 2006 and first migrate the JBuilder 9 (or prior) project into that version of JBuilder.  Once it is migrated, then try importing that project into JBuilder 2007.

A manual solution would be to open up the .ejbgrpx file in a text editor and copy out each of the sections that related to each of the individual deployment descriptors and put each one of them into their own files with the appropriate name, and place them in the EJB module's META-INF folder.

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