Delphi for PHP Update 1

By: CodeGear

Abstract: Update 1 of Delphi for PHP is now available for registered users

    For registered users

This update is being provided to licensed users of CodeGear Delphi for PHP. Installation and use are governed by the license statement for CodeGear Delphi for PHP.

Registered users of Delphi for PHP can now download Update 1 from the registered user download page.

    Fixes in Update 1

Description of fixes included in this update (and Quality Central report numbers if applicable):

  • Fix to the IDE to ensure correct storage of UTF-8 strings in the .xml.php
  • Fix to VCL for PHP to parse .xml.php in UTF-8 mode
  • Save Project As... fixed (QC 43580)
  • Updated sourcecode documentation for the VCL
  • Fixed problem with PHP 5.2.1. The Input Filter extension is out of beta and function for filter data was changed to a new name, so Input object now takes that into account (QC 43607)
  • Fixed problem with vcl-bin folder. The alias is set to be a root alias, making it easier to configure on deployment
  • Added global var to specify if properties are html_decoded when read from the .xml.php
  • Corrected support phone list .txt file

    Install instructions

This is update is a complete replacement for the existing install. It should be installed in place of your current Delphi for PHP installation.

  1. Uninstall Delphi for PHP
  2. Install the updated version of Delphi for PHP (d4php_install.exe)
  3. Verify that you have the latest version installed by running Delphi for PHP and checking Help|About. Update 1 is Version (the original release was

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