E-Commerce Application with Delphi for PHP and InterBase

By: Andreano Lanusse

Abstract: Download the complete source code from on e-commerce application developed in Delphi for PHP

Delphi for PHP includes a lot of examples; one of these examples is an E-commerce application. This application use s MySQL and use s proprietary commands.

I ported this application to work with InterBase and other databases.

With this example you will see:
- New components
- Smarty Templates
- URL parameters
- Database Access
- Cookies
- Others

After you download the example read the Readme file.

You will need to update only the parameters on configure.php for database setup

One of these parameters is named $SQLNextOrderID. This parameter is a SQL to define how to get the next ID on table Order.

I could use Select MAX, in my opinion not the best solution, then for InterBase I'm using Select Gen_ID(gen_orders_id,1) as NEXTID from RDB$DATABASE, which means this is the unique point where you will see a specific SQL command.

Of course the database metadata is included and you will need to change these triggers, the triggers here were used only as AutoIncrement field.

Download -> http://cc.codegear.com/item/24557

Have fun!!

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