Navigating through the CodeGear Developer Network

By: Yorai Aminov

Abstract: Read about the CodeGear Developer Network navigation menus, article lists, and article pages, and see some of the latest features we’ve been adding to the site.

    CDN: The Constantly Evolving Site

A few months ago, we launched BDN 2, a new version of what was then the Borland Developer Network, along with brand new membership services and GetPublished, the site’s improved content management system. Since then a lot has happened. BDN became the CodeGear Developer Network, and we’ve been hard at work adding new features and improving the user experience for the site. Many of these features are described in detail in various articles on CDN’s new Help section.

    Site Navigation

CDN content is organized based on a three-level hierarchy of communities, neighborhoods, and streets. A community is usually associated with a specific language or product. Communities are accessible from the site’s home page, or from the Communities menu that appears at the top of every page on the site:

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    Article Lists

Articles are listed on the home page, and on every community, neighborhood, and street page. The list of articles you see depends on where you are, and on your language preference.


English is the default language for the site, but you can view the site in many other languages. In fact, you can even help us by adding more languages. Because English is the default language, English articles will always be listed, as well as any articles in your preferred language. If an article has been translated to your language, we’ll list that translation even if an English version of the article exists.

Articles that have translations are also marked with a special icon. If you place your mouse cursor over the icon, a pop-up window be displayed providing access to all available translations:

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New feature: when we first implemented support for multiple languages, article pages did use non-English templates unless you set your preferred language. We now support full localized templates for articles even if you’ve selected another language using the languages icon at the top of the navigation page.

    Communities, Neighborhoods, and Streets

When you select a specific community, neighborhood, or street, articles are filtered based on your selection. The article list is inclusive – articles are listed for the selected area including all sub-areas. For example, the Delphi community page lists all articles that are mapped to the Delphi community, to any neighborhood that belongs to that community, or any street that belongs to one of the community’s neighborhoods.

    Additional Areas

In addition to communities, CDN has several special areas:

  • Museum – the CDN Museum is one of our most popular areas, containing antique software, memorabilia, and stories.
  • Audio & Video – the TV area lists video and audio articles, such as community chats and product demonstrations. You can further navigate the TV area by drilling down into communities, neighborhoods, and streets. If you’re just interested in audio articles, you can use the audio area instead. Similarly, you can use the video area to only list video articles.


Tip: you can access the TV area from the “Resources” menu, or by clicking on the “Audio & Video” tab:

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Clicking on the “Articles” tab takes you back to the normal articles view.


New feature: you can see all available areas, communities, neighborhoods and streets on the new Site Map page.

    Sorting the Article List

You can sort the article list by selecting the sort criteria from the combo box that appears right above the list:

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New feature: article lists can now be sorted.

By default, articles are sorted by the date they were published, with the newest articles listed first. Other sort options are:

  • Date (oldest first) – sort articles by their publish date, with the oldest articles appearing first.
  • Title – sort articles alphabetically by their title.
  • Author – sort – and group – by the author’s last name:

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New feature: articles can be grouped by author.


If an article list is too long to be displayed on one page, CDN splits it into multiple pages. You can click on a page number or on the “Previous” and “Next” links to move between pages.

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New feature: article lists are now displayed in multiple pages, providing access to older content that has scrolled away from the home page.


All article lists are also available as Atom and RSS feeds. For more information on CDN’s feeds, see RSS and Atom on the Developer Network.


Tip: for a complete list of feeds on the site, get the OPML file.


A lot of work has also gone into the article pages. Additional information is now displayed in collapsible sections on the left side of the page, and new actions are available in the top toolbar for readers and authors.

    Article Tools

The toolbar is displayed at the top of the article page, right below the site logo and menu:

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    Printer-Friendly View

The “Printer-friendly” link in the toolbar displays a printer-friendly version of the article. The printer-friendly view contains all the text and images of the article, but is formatted for printing:

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New feature: articles now have a printer-friendly version, generated automatically by GetPublished when an article is submitted.

  • A black and white version of the CodeGear logo, suitable for printing, is used instead of the site menu and color logo.
  • The table of contents is included inline.
  • The text is fully justified.
  • Images converted to thumbnails for screen viewing appear in full size, and special features such as collapsible sections are disabled.

    Author Profile

The “Author Profile” link, as well as the author name, points to the author’s page on GetPublished, which contains information about the author and lists the author’s articles.

    Submit Translation

You can submit translations to articles you see on CDN by clicking the “Submit Translation” link, which takes you to GetPublished’s Translate Article page.


New feature: GetPublished now has a separate page for submitting translations.

If the article already has translations, the link changes to a globe icon. Hovering over the icon with your mouse cursor displays the languages pop-up list:

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The list shows the available translations for the article. Here, again, the “Submit Translation” link lets you submit a new translation using GetPublished.

    Editing Your Articles

If you are the author of the article, or have been granted permissions to edit the article in GetPublished, you can edit the article by clicking the “Edit” link:

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New feature: you can now edit your articles by clicking on the “Edit” link in the article toolbar.

Note that you have to be logged in to the Developer Network for the link to become available.

    The Article Sidebar

Additional information about the article is available on the sidebar. Some of this information has been available for a while, but has now been moved to the sidebar to reduce clutter. Sidebar sections can be collapsed or expanded by clicking the minus (collapse) or plus (expand) buttons:

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    Table of Contents

The table of contents is now displayed in a collapsible section on the sidebar. Tables of contents are automatically generated by GetPublished when an article is submitted, and each entry is a link to the relevant section in the document.

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If there are any translations available for the article, they will be listed on the sidebar:

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You can view an article’s rating or rate it yourself using the rating area:

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The rating area appears collapsed by default, displaying only the current average rating for the article. When expanded, it provides additional information, such as the rating distribution, and your rating for the article, if any. You can rate the article (or re-rate it if you have already rated it in the past) by clicking on the star icons.


This article describes some of the new features on CDN. The Developer Network is under constant development, and we’re always listening to your comments, suggestions, and improvement requests. Please report any issues or post feature requests in the CDN Web Site area on QualityCentral.

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