JBuilder 2007 Web Launch at 9am-2pm (PST) on December 6th

By: Anders Ohlsson

Abstract: Hear from R&D and Product Management how to take control of your Java development with Velocity, Balance, & Confidence.

World wide public Webcast: Accelerate Your Java™ Development with the New JBuilder 2007

Borland® JBuilder® 2007 brings accelerated development tools to Eclipse, with its renowned RAD and collaborative capabilities, making development fast and reliable for Java™, open source and the web.

When: Wednesday December 6, 2006; 09:00am to 02:00pm PST

Where: On the Internet. Webcast information is at the end of this message

Software development is no longer an isolated activity and Open Source has changed the way we approach development projects. Today, developers work in teams that need to collaborate across geographies and time zones. In addition, development has become highly iterative, requiring new coordinated tools and processes. Open source provides a myriad of new tools, components, and value, but it also creates a chaotic environment that makes it difficult to manage the development process and to guarantee the quality of software being developed.

The latest JBuilder is the first application server independent enterprise class IDE built on open source Eclipse. It provides all the economic benefits of an open source platform, with the reliability of a trusted, turnkey solution provider. JBuilder 2007 is packed with new features that dramatically accelerate the complete development process; with a new visual EJB Workbench, enhanced distributed development and collaboration tools, even powerful code quality assurance features.

New in 2007, ProjectAssist dramatically reduces the time and complexity to create new team and project definitions. New TeamInsight enhances collaborative development with its centralized portal that allows team members to monitor project activity for the source code repository, track recent checkins, view quality metrics, even view live burn-down charts for project progress. Enhanced for 2007 is Optimizeit™ 2007 for Eclipse delivers memory and CPU profiling and debugging to help ensure error free code. Combined with all the features you’ve come to expect from the leader in Java IDE development, JBuilder 2007 is the first choice for Java developers worldwide.

JBuilder 2007 advances developers forward to the new Eclipse based JBuilder platform with backward compatibility support for previous versions of JBuilder. Easily import existing projects right into the new JBuilder 2007 IDE and go. Enjoy the flexibility and cost-efficiencies of using an open platform, while providing enterprise-class functionality.


Hear from R&D and Product Management how to take control of your Java development with Velocity, Balance, & Confidence.

09:00am-09:40am   Introduction - Michael Swindell & Joe McGlynn

09:40am-10:40am   Overview of JBuilder 2007 - Joe McGlynn

10:40am-11:40am   Customer migration, modeling, audits, metrics, profiling - Joe McGlynn & Richard Vowles

11:40am-12:40pm   Java EE - Ravi Kumar

12:40pm-01:40pm   ProjectAssist & TeamInsight - Karl Ewald & Ravi Kumar

01:40pm-02:00pm   Closing comments & final Q&A - Michael Swindell & Joe McGlynn

  • VELOCITY – JBuilder 2007 increases the development velocity of Java teams and individuals with P2P, Visual EJB and web services GUIs and Java5 Enterprise functionality. JBuilder 2007 delivers an innovative and highly productive visual “drag and drop” environment with enterprise-class project management capabilities designed to increase speed and productivity.
  • BALANCE – JBuilder 2007 helps organizations manage and balance complex development projects across teams and locations, and across open source and proprietary software. JBuilder 2007’s TeamInsight is an innovative collaboration foundation that lets organizations leverage best of breed solutions for source code management, requirements, bug tracking and project management. To manage the application lifecycle, JBuilder 2007 integrates with popular Borland Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) products including Together® and StarTeam®, also based on Eclipse.
  • CONFIDENCE – A trusted commercial solution, JBuilder 2007 establishes confidence in the software development process. JBuilder 2007 embraces and integrates the most popular open source plug-ins, tools and frameworks, all within a certified and managed turnkey development solution that organizations of any size can rely on.

JBuilder 2007 is a prime example of how CodeGear continues to up the ante with developer tools – bringing new levels of productivity to the new ways that developers work today. JBuilder 2007 opens the throttle on open source Java development, and our special introductory pricing makes it easy to get behind the wheel today.

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