BDNtv: Building Applications with BDS 2006 and Commercial, Open Source, and Free Components (webinar replay)

By: David Intersimone

Abstract: This Webinar shows you how to build Delphi and C++ applications using commercial third party components and tools, open source and free components. Demonstrations of technology partner tools and components are included.

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Time: 2:32:55

  BDNtv: Building Applications with BDS 2006 and Commercial, Open Source, and Free Components (webinar replay)

Presented by: David Intersimone and John Kaster with demonstrations by Raize Software, Chant Inc, TMS Software, AutomatedQA, Atozed Software, and Project Jedi.
Webinar presented on: Tuesday – November 14, 2006

This Webinar shows you how to build Delphi and C++ applications using commercial third party components and tools, open source and free components. We showcase some of the top tools and component libraries from our Technology Partners like Atozed Software’s IntraWeb, Raize Software’s CodeSite and Raize Components, TMS Software VCL component packs, AutomatedQA’s AQTime performance profiling and memory and resource debugging toolset, and others. We also discussed how to use the Turbo Power, Project Indy, and Project Jedi open source libraries and components.

Webinar Chat Room Q&A

jkaster inserts the following link:
jkaster: Raize Components web site
jkaster: Erasmus: "Thanks for the link -triage seems to be associated with victims and emergencies !!" - somewhat. It´s a "standard" term for bug/issue processing in IT here in the US at least
jkaster: rascoop: "for Ray any new component book planned ?" - ray: that usually does come up, doesn´t it. Right now there´s no book planned. However, I´m well aware of the desire for more component writing information. I´m actually jumping on the blogging bandwagon for this kind of topic.
jkaster: mini: "are the compos targetting win32 only or NET, too?" - ray: right now, the release version is for Win32 VCL from Delphi 5 up to BDS 2006 and C++Builder as well. We don´t have a formal product yet for VCL.NET.
jkaster: Pidgeot: "Do the Raize Components support Unicode on Win32 VCL?" - ray: not currently. We hook in right with the VCL, and the VCL doesn´t have Unicode support built in right now. We´re watching this closely.
jkaster: asisson: "What is Raize Licence policy? Am I allowed to load one licence on my desktop machine as well as my laptop??" - ray: yes, you can do that. The license is pretty flexible. We don´t have any activation codes or something like that.
jkaster: BrainCell: "Ray, Do you have a Listbox that implements the LBS_NODATA option?" - ray: I would have to look that up. Please email
jkaster: cprog: "jkaster: it would be cool to have components that we could rotate, do effects, drag/drap easily, 3d, ... :)" - ray: absolutely! We really wanted to target a lot of the business application needs for Delphi.
jkaster: mbentley: "Is there a promo discount for Raize upgrades from the previous version?" - ray: yes. I´d have to look it up ...
jkaster: Erasmus: "Ray - Do you foresee ´new look´ components for VISTA ?" - ray: We´re doing quite a bit of research to determine the best way to handle that. You´ll see some new components for new Vista features. Some things we can just incorporate into the current products.
jkaster: LizR: "Which font is that?" - this is the "Raize" font
jkaster inserts the following link:
jkaster: javi: "We have been using devexpress components for a few years now. Their grid components are brilliant and very useful from customer’s point of view. Are there grid components in Raize? Is there any demo we could look at?" - ray: there are some grid components in Raize, like StringGrid and DBGrid versions. It´s not the same complexity or capability of DevExpress.
jkaster: cheeyang: "Is raize components ship with source?" - ray: yes, full source for everything, including a build script
jkaster: aikimark: "what encrypting options do we have?" - ray: nothing at this point. The logging file data is in a binary format.
jkaster: rshealer: "Do you support general application logging to a database. So that an end user could use something like Rave Reports to generate reports. This would be normal data collected during a run, rather than debugging information." - ray: it is possible to do that, but we don´t have support built in. There is an event you can hook into for this.
jkaster: efortier: "does CodeSite require a runtime installed on a end-user machine?" - ray: yes it does, mostly. The CodeSite dispatcher is needed to do the actual logging.
jkaster: mitov: "How CodeSite supports multithreded debugging?" - yes, just demonstrated
jkaster: ps-dk: "Does the Codesite work for C++?" - yes
rkonopka: efortier: The Dispatcher is 1MB. The logging classes add about 50K to your application size.
rkonopka: djones: CodeSite has never been a free tool. There was a clone of CodeSite several years ago called "CodeSide" that mimiced CodeSite 1
rkonopka: cheeyang: CodeSite can be used for any kind of development--apps, components, dlls, ASP.NET, COM, etc.
rkonopka: rascoop: Overseer was another clone of CodeSite
rkonopka: aikimark: Absolute! One thing I didn´t mention is that when you select two messages in the viewer, you get the time difference in the status bar.
rkonopka: aikimark: I´m not quite sure what you mean be licensing the .NET VCL...
rkonopka: ps-dk: Yes, you can complete control over what gets logged and what doesn´t. Categories are great for this.
rkonopka: djones: great.
rkonopka: aikimark: I´ll look for your email.
jkaster: mini: "is there a SAPI redistributable? and does this include recognition functionality?" - john: yes, it´s on the MS downloads
jkaster: DSiders: "Is there any support for AT&T Natural Voices speech kit?" - john: yes, that will enumerate as SAPI 5
jkaster: mini: "thanks for the answer!" - john: you´re welcome
jkaster inserts the following link:
jkaster inserts the following link:
rkonopka: aikimark: "are there any performance-tracking features? (via timestamp deltas and the like)" - Yes, the TimeStamp column in the message list can display absolute time, time difference between previous message, or time offset from start of log.
rkonopka: djones: "I seem to recall seeing this product once before, but in a "free" version. Am I remembering correctly? Are we seeing here an enhanced version of the free one I remember?" - Answered already in public chat. There were a couple clones of CodeSite over the years.
jkaster inserts the following link:
rkonopka: asisson: "Can CodeSite be used to remotely debug a different machine?" - Yes, CodeSite does indeed support remote logging. You simply need to specify that you want direct the logging message to a remote dispatcher. Details are in CodeSite Help.
jkaster: steve_kia: "/ask Are there tools to deal with the xml grammars required for speech recognition?" - john: yes, we have GrammarKit tool help build SAPI 5 XML grammars
rkonopka: DSiders: "Ray, will you offer the XML Structure component from CodeSite for sale?" - The parser that is used in the XML structure view was written by someone else. Interesting idea though--perhaps we can cross license it.
jkaster: GrammarKit is part of Chant´s Developer Workbench product
rkonopka: ps-dk: "Can you enable/disable parts of the codesite lines in my code so that it will be possible to debug specific part of my code (even though my whole program is full of codesite lines" - Answered in public chat. Yes, you have complete control over what gets logged and what doesn´t. Categories are great for this.
rkonopka: cheeyang: "is CodeSite useful for component development only? Can CodeSite benefit us for normal win32 application development? I feel the BDS debugging functions is always sufficient" - CodeSite can be used in any kind of development: apps, components, packages, ASP.NET, COM, etc. CodeSite is not a replacement for the debugger, but the value of CS is that you get a history of how you got to a certain point.
jkaster: ray (from email)
rkonopka: aikimark: "what other kinds of regression testing features does CodeSite provide?" - We´ll be adding more reqression features in the future. For one, you can get some help by being able to export the logs to XML for example, and compare them between runs.
rkonopka: cprog: "ray: the raize components are great components that fit very well in delphi you there are doing a great job... thanks ray! I´m listening about codesite now..." - Thank you for the feedback, we certainly appreciate.
rkonopka: jkaster: "Could you please show up an example of the documentation/help system? Thanks!" - I assume this is referring to creating component help. If so, then this would be a good topic for a component writing webinar
cellis: you want to skype in to answer questions?
jkaster: aikimark: "the audio is breaking up a bit" - yes, we´re trying to figure out why. sorry
jkaster inserts the following link:
jkaster: aikimark: "John, when I clicked on the I´m Listening button, I got a message that said there is no active stream" - you needed to click in the first two hours. If you haven´t clicked for this series, be sure to do so tomorrow.
jkaster: rascoop: "can we get yesterday´s webinar?" - yes, when the replay is ready
jkaster: asisson: "how many of the webinars are now available for replay? Can you provide the link(s). Thanks" - the available replays are in the main article announcing this seires
jkaster: aikimark: "Does IntraWeb have any AJAX features planned?" - david: yes
jkaster inserts the following link:
jkaster: public beta with ajax support
jkaster: cheeyang: "Is each action done on the browser will send a request back server? If that is the case, the page will get refresh each time for the action" - david: yes it is
jkaster: obones: "does all this work with Mozilla/SeaMonkey/FireFox/Opera/Konqueror... ?" - davdi: you should go to their web site. I´ve tried it on firefox and IE
jkaster inserts the following link:
jkaster: The Intraweb site
jkaster: LizR: "Could you show doing things like user instances or session type variables?" - david: we´ll ask AToZed to do a more complete demo
jkaster inserts the following link:
jkaster: The Indy Project web site
jkaster: asisson: "Very impressed with presentations - what tools are you using to make this happen?" - a whole bunch. Windows Media Encoder is what streams it out. We also capture the streamed desktop with a commercial tool, and are using an online-conferencing product to connect to people remotely, using flash playback for some of the "canned" demos you saw, using Skype for remote audio ... you name it, we´re using it!
jkaster: asisson: "Is code for David´s E-Mail blaster available for download?" - david: that´s a good question. I put one up a while ago. I´ll put up a recent one in CodeCentral.
jkaster inserts the following link:
jkaster: Is another interesting open source project
jkaster inserts the following link:
jkaster: Olivier Sannier
jkaster: aka obones
jkaster inserts the following link: news://
jkaster: The JEDI newsgroup server
jkaster: cheeyang: "I can´t access" - sorry, was working before
jkaster inserts the following link:
jkaster: TurboPower products on
jkaster inserts the following link:
jkaster: Delphi Super Page
jkaster inserts the following link:
jkaster: Torry´s Delphi pages

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