BDNtv: What's new in Delphi and C++Builder 2006 (webinar replay)

By: John Kaster

Abstract: Watch the replay of the webinar presented by Borland Developer Relations. This webinar was focused on the top level "what's new" features in Delphi and C++Builder 2006.

Watch the replay.

This is a log of the chat room during the live video chat from November 6, 2006 on What's new in Delphi and C++Builder with Borland DTG Developer Relations.

Note: This log is only the chat room transcript. There is much additional information covered in the replay that is not available in this chat log. For all upcoming live chats, see EventCentral.

  VIP Lounge for What's New in Delphi/C++Builder 2006

jkaster: berniecas: "I'm not able to access the webinar. any suggestions?" - Windows Media Player 9 seems to work best. many people can use Windows Media Player 10 as well

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jkaster: for "I am listening" and the discount

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jkaster: That's the article about this series with all the links for the broadcast

jkaster: csbjr: "how can I watch the presentation from my computer?" - Open Windows media player to mms://
jkaster inserts the following link: mms://

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jkaster: cprog: "jkaster: I suggested to decrease the internet speed in connection settings to 384 kb/s and the streaming works fine, and seems to work fine to other chat users;)" - thanks for the suggestion. I hope this helps others!

jkaster: LizR: "could you reshow the .net conversion but with some open/save dialogs in it as I had issues with that and the app would just disapear" - we'll post the replay

jkaster: heizy: "Hi, I'm Marcus connecting from Germany Berlin and my Girlfriend from Germany, Hamburg with huge Connection Probs...." - sorry about the problems. Some people have been able to resolve theirs ...

jkaster: LizR: "no no, not a replay of what you just did.. when I had an app with Topendialog and tsavedialog and converted it to .net and then ran it, and triggered them my .net app would just "poof"" - Liz, I think we'll have to track that down outside the broadcast ... lots going on

jkaster: Pidgeot: "Just doublechecking, only US/Canada are eligble for the button on the /broadcast link, right?" - We MAY be able to extend it beyond North and South America ... so please do click if you are listening!

jkaster: DelphiGrl: "can we talk about refactoring?" - we're doing that right now, thanks!

jkaster: EK2: "I have been using D2006 for a few weeks now and noticed that after a days work D2006 is using 600-700 mb of ram. Is this normal?" - it depends somewhat on the app, but this sounds pretty normal

jkaster: Wk04: "I also set it to 384 and it seems to work better." - thanks, good to know

jkaster: cprog: "Does the next coming IDE's will allow switching a project from one language (ex delphi) to another language (ex C#) without rewriting code?" - david: converting source code is always an interesting challenge people have been working on for some time. We'll show how to interoperate and mix code in a later broadcast.

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jkaster: Community Welcome Page article
jkaster: cprog: "And there is a C# to translator?" - Yes, that's babelcode (and others). There's another on CodeCentral

jkaster: ogiesen: "btw: how can we use FastMM's FullDebugMode with the built-in MM?" - Come back for the performance tuning talk

jkaster: Wk04: "/ask I did not catch all infos - so is ipossible to download the webinar recordings?" - yes, we will post the replays

jkaster: EricN: "can you show some refactoring in c++?" - david: the only refactoring we have in 2006 is the rename refactor

jkaster: cprog: "It will be interesting to be able to switch languages delphi, c#, java, etc... etc... ;)" - david: this environment is for Delphi, Delphi.NET, C#, and C++, but there is an API for adding other personalities, so other languages would be possible

jkaster: cprog: "I have delphi 2005 architech and it's very very buggy! I hope that delphi 2007 will be bug free;)" - david: move to 2006 architect and take advantage of the upgrade price. The team spent a lot of their time improving the product in the 2006 release, for performance and reliability.

jkaster: Erasmus: "Buy D2006 now - discount on D2007?" - david: in our products, there are upgrades for different versions, or for new users, there are offers as well. We have something calls "Software Assurance" that provides all updates for 12 months

jkaster: bye Liz
jkaster: rshealer: "Is there a way to position the screen outside of that tiny little box. I really mean the way it used to be when using as designed." - yes, use classic undocked layout, or the object inspector properties

jkaster: forrest: "When did you say 2007 was due?" - david: We didn't, but we have a roadmap
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jkaster: ogiesen: "can you identify which SKU the design patterns stuff is included in?" - david: Together modeling is included in all SKUs. (When in doubt, look at the feature matrix!)
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jkaster: cprog: "Is there a easy way to how do we auto fit components in a form when a user change resolution or resize a window...???" - we'll provide some information for that, and there are some blogs and articles on this question

jkaster: rshealer: "Is there a feature matrix comparing Turbo Delphi 2006 Pro and BDS Delphi 2006 Pro?" - david: Turbo Pro is equivalent in capability to BDS Pro. The Turbos are single language, single platform only. That's the difference.

jkaster: forrest: "For next webinar: Could you Borland Techs recommend optimal settings in WMP?" - yes, I'll try and provide more "troubleshooting" information by tomorrow. Sorry about the difficulties.

jkaster: ogiesen: "is there documentation about plugging in other source control systems into the history view?" - One is a Borland Technology Partner, there is also source code available for one
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jkaster: Is a commercial offering
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jkaster: An open source offering

jkaster: Google now supports code search for Delphi
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jkaster: LizR: "could you explain how to use the design patterns again as I can bring up the box but it doesnt seem to "do" anything" - doing it now ...

jkaster: EK2: "I also have had some issues with stability but how do I know if its Delphi of some the components I have installed?" - david: have you installed all the updates and hotfixes? (We'll go over that in another session.)

jkaster: Pidgeot: "Speaking of Delphi 2007, what's the status on Win32 Unicode support?" - david: that is indicated on the roadmap, but your feedback on the Delphi survey would be most appreciated
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The DTG product roadmaps

jkaster: LizR: "Could you show an import of a notepad type app with save/open dialogs from win32 to .net as when I tried this the .net app would disapear on clicking the open/save as something wasnt set on conversion.. what other gotchas are there?" - david: Nick did a series of webinars on this. We'll try this in language interop and project migration

jkaster: LizR: "Would it be a good idea to mention the voting on QC things given you guys must be working on bugs for BDS 2007?" - thanks for the reminder!

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jkaster: ogiesen: "at ekon nick said he's trying to push for win32 generics in highlander. any news on how likely that will be?" - please stay tuned to the roadmap documents, or we can ask Nick in another Delphi hour

jkaster: javi: "I’ve been a Borland user for many years. Some of my colleges say that Borland days are gone. Is there any possibility to have a comparison between Borland Studio 2006 and MS Development studio and why do you think Borland will stand against MS product?" - david: we've been building developer tools for 23 years now here at Borland. We've always continued to innovate beyond what MS is offering. Some people say our days are gone, but yet we still keep improving things.

jkaster: Wk04: " Is still the resp. help topic available when clicking to the object following by F1" - david: hit F1 wherever you are. F1 sometimes doesn't find the right help, but the help is usually there. Bring up the help window and type in what you're searching for.

jkaster: DaytonaDa: "is there going to be a discount for Software Assurance renewals?" - david: we do not discount software assurance.

jkaster: cprog: "if one day our house computer goes web based, does the developping tools will be web based? does borland is following that area?" - it's certainly a possibility

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