Borland Developer Studio Free Software Bundle

By: John Kaster

Abstract: Registered users of Borland Developer Studio can download additional professional products for FREE


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Thanks for your interest in Borland Developer Studio (Delphi 2006, C++Builder 2006). Borland Developer Studio 2006 includes powerful productivity and performance-boosting capabilities, enabling software teams to eliminate tedious development tasks so they can quickly and cost-effectively deliver enterprise-class Windows applications.



    What's the offer all about?

All Borland Developer Studio 2006 developers can now benefit from the great feature sets of four highly professional additional tools FREE.

Castalia expands the Delphi 2006 development environment into an even more productive and cutting edge coding platform with advanced features that help you write better code faster.

CodeHealer is an easy-to-use source code analysis and verification tool that helps find and fix coding errors and security vulnerabilities in your Delphi programs.

Beyond Compare Differ is a powerful time-saving utility that lets you visually compare a file with any previous version, allowing you to examine and selectively revert any changes youve made.

BuilderBooster has proven to be twice as fast as other compiler enhancers making it the quickest and most advanced C++ Builder compiler enhancer available.


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    How to get your free additional software!

  1. Install Borland Developer Studio 2006 product (Delphi 2006 or C++Builder 2006).
  2. Register your software with Borland. Once you have installed your Delphi 2006 or C++Builder 2006, a wizard will guide you through the user registeration process when you run the software.
  3. Download your free software. Once you have successfully completed the registration process you should visit the following URL Choose the link that is circled in the diagram below, sign in and then being to download.


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Download from here

    What if you already have Delphi 2006 or C++Builder 2006?

If you have purchased Delphi 2006 or C++Builder 2006 prior to the bundle offer - no problem! As long as you have registered, you can go straight to the URL above and download your free software right now!


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