Looking for Turbo Mirrors

By: John Kaster

Abstract: If you would like to mirror the downloads of the Turbo Explorer editions, read this!

Our TurboExplorer download mirroring process has been opened up more widely now that we know it's working. I have published the requirements on the TurboExplorer site at http://turboexplorer.com/reflect .

Important note: We will be updating the exe for at least one Turbo Explorer install to make sure it is digitally signed, so be sure to watch for a notice of that. I'll send a notice out to everyone on my mirroring email list when it's available.

http://turboexplorer.com/downloads has been updated. All information for becoming a mirror is now at http://turboexplorer.com/reflect .

We have http://torrent.borland.com live as our BitTorrent server. That is now the source of all mirror files. However, the mirror we host on the TurboExplorer web site http://turboexplorer.com/mirror includes all current links to our Torrent files, and the mirroring template you'll use should you choose to become a mirror site simply points to our torrent server for the torrent files.

There are more files on the mirror (localized CD label PDFs), and better described steps online (I hope) for setting up the mirror.

We still aren't pushing updates out to people via FTP, but we'll probably do that in the next week or so. If you want to grab the files yourself to set up or update your mirror, I recommend a download manager or use the torrent files.

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