BDNradio: Live chat with Technology Partners about our Developer Tools

By: John Kaster

Abstract: Listen to the replay of the chat Developer Relations had with our technology partners regarding the future of our Developer tools. It's a great source to dispell myths and rumors.

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Live chat with Borland Technology Partners

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    Live chat with Borland Technology Partners

Listen to the audio replay, or download the mp3 version.

This is a log of the chat room during the live audio chat with Borland Technology Partners on February 13, 2006.

Note: This log is only the chat room transcript. There is much additional information covered in the audio replay that is not available in this chat log. For all previous and upcoming live chats, see EventCentral.

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davidi: remember to queue up your questions using the /ask command or the ASK button
davidi: Christine and I will start with some comments and info

jkaster:C_Jensen: "What time frame do you anticipate for the sale to occur?" - david: We plan to have an announcement of investors some time this quarter. We hope to have the transaction to complete before the end of Q2.

jkaster:C_Jensen: "The ALM tools have been tightly integrated into BDS 2006. How will the separate companies deal with this. For example, I imagine that ECO will go with BDS. What will happen to the Together-based UML stuff in the IDE?" - david: we'll have cross-licensing of technology and patents

cellis:DTkalcec: "What happens to BTPs when DevCo starts? Will our NDA and everything be transfered or will we have to apply as partners again?" - You shouldn't have to apply again. The BTP program may only have to change in name.

jkaster:DonS: "will an audio replay be available... I'm not getting any audio." - yes, we'll make audio replay available

jkaster:Serge_D: "could you give some insides on who is managing a diversification process for dev department, please?" - david: there's a group of people working inside Borland and in conjunction with Bear Stearns, including myself, Michael Swindell, our PLSMs around the world, R&D leaders, as well as people elsewhere in the company, like legal

cellis:C_Jensen: "Will there be a DevCo DevCon??" - We'll have to wait and see if there is interest with the new DevCo, but I have not reason to believe we won't have some kind of event -- and I'll certainly be part of it as always.

jkaster:Serge_D: "what is your perspective for marketing in next few months of "between" period?" - david: we're moving forward on all fronts. marketing budgets are intact, everything scheduled is still moving forward.

jkaster:DTkalcec: "How about Borland gives a Valentine's Day offer for BDS2006?" - david: well, tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I suggest everyone buy their loved ones a very nice gift for Valentine's Day.

jkaster:Serge_D: "Borland was seeking for buyer for some time already. Latest announcment was made still without any progress on the buyer. Do you think it was a good move?" - david: We have NOT been seeking a buyer for some time, so we'll just nip that in the bud completely. This decision was a very recent decision. Over the last several years, the two different business models in the company made it apparent that at our size we just didn't have the resources to focus on both initiatives. That led to this decision to move the 2 parts of the company forward.

jkaster:Serge_D: "Addition: I was reffering to Coates proposal and everything around. At that time there was a statement that offfers will be considered. so BOD was discussing those questions..." - same answer, Serge

jkaster:DTkalcec: "Do you already have potential buyers for the IDEs?" - david: I'm not going to answer that question. We're here to talk about the announcement, technology, the partnership, DevCo, and leave questions like this to the business people.

jkaster:C_Jensen: "The Borland brand has been associated with developer tools for 20 years, but only a couple of years for ALM. Why isn't it the ALM stuff being spun off with a different company name, keeping Borland (or Borland International once again), as the developer tool company?" - david: it's a decision by the executive management and BOD to keep Borland for the ALM products. Borland has been involved since the beginning in the world of software development. Over 10 years ago, Borland had a product called Borland C++ and Design Tools, which was our C++ product and Together's C++ tools, which became TogetherSoft. We've been extending the reach of the company.

jkaster:frasersof: "what will happen about registration servers for old products D7/D8/BCB6 etc" - david: everything that has to do w/ infrastructure, technology, including reg servers license keys, etc will go to both companies. BDN assets (articles, code examples, etc.) will go to both companies as well.

jkaster:Serge_D: "Is Borland going to invest in a new startup?" - david: Undetermined. Borland COULD. The intent is to find investors to invest 100% in the development tools. Current plan is to totally divest.

jkaster:DTkalcec: "There seems to be a lot of developers in a "state of panic" at the moment, what would you suggest component vendors to do to calm people down, until DevCo takes off?" - david: Tell your customers we're still in business and focused on their success. Really, the only unknown is who the investors are going to be. We have a roadmap and we're executing on that roadmap, and we're still focusing on helping our customers. All we can do is show you that we're still working, and we'll continue to do that. Keep doing your business, and if you're getting questions you think we can answer, please send those questions to Christine Elliis so we can add them to an FAQ we're putting together. Once we're a separate company and the investment happens, we're going to need ALL of you.

jkaster:JoeMele: "My real concern is the lack of a vision. This will determine the fate not a particular buyer. There needs to be a clear idea where these tools will be a year , 5 years out and so on. All I heard previously is getting recycled users from VB and such and no clear idea how to grow the market with fresh people that arent MS users. Where is the vision?" - david: We have a vision, and we've been executing on that vision since Turbo Pascal 1.0. We're extending our support constantly.

jkaster:JGonzalez: "Why has the spinoff announcement being made before finding an investor. It gives the impression Borland is dropping their IDE's - might hold potential investements in Borland technologies" - david: Our executives and BOD made the decision to make that announcement. If you start talking to companies about this, word will get out anyway. If we didn't announce anything, we'd have to deny the rumors. We also made this announcement of Segue's acquisition, and the developer community would ask why we're not investing more in the developer tools.

jkaster:marcoc: "what's your take about competitors like RealBasic aggressively attacking Delphi and spreading FUD?" - david: my personal opinion is that RealBasic is not a competitor. Delphi is far more, and continues to be extended.

jkaster:rkonopka: "Will DevCo coexist in same facility with Borland, or will they move?" - david: we'll have to have a logical separation. Here in Scotts Valley, it's mostly the developer tools.

jkaster:C_Jensen: "Which company will the ECO technology go to?" - david: ECO's Model Driven technology will come with DevCo. The ECO team is part of the Delphi team.

jkaster:bfierens: "how valid is the current released roadmap still today ?" - david: it is current. Roadmaps continually evolve and update, but we're working on that roadmap.

jkaster inserts the following link:,1410,33383,00.html
jkaster: Delphi roadmap

jkaster:marcoc: "will developers trust the roadmap of a company that has put its tools on sale? if the aim of borland is to maximize the sale value, will it be in the best interest for the dev tools?" - david: Tod Nielsen and our BOD have been very clear that the aim has been to help our customers first. The highest priority is NOT to maximize the sale value, but look for investors who will do things in the best interest of our customers, the DevCon company, and our shareholders.

jkaster:Serge_D: "in a new company what are your priorities between products? will "DevCo"DS will take higher priority then before or what is the balance?" - david: Not sure what you're asking, but we're focused on all the products that are part of DevCo.

jkaster:marcoc: "question in my blog, minutes ago: "Why should I buy Delphi now? I'd better give my money to The New Delphi Co. than to Borland."" - david: I've seen this question several times. I always come back to: "If you need Delphi now, and you're trying to solve real problems, buy it now. There's no reason to wait." The same thing can be said to our whole global community.

jkaster:rkonopka: "You probably can't confirm this, but when you mentioned that one co. will be a public company and the other will be a private company. This fact may have a big impact on spinning the dev tools "out" of Borland. Borland remains a public company." - david: Borland is a public company. We'll continue to keep you informed as we move forward with the investors.

jkaster:DTkalcec: "Since BDS will no longer have ALM stuff integrated, will there be new prices for the new IDEs?" - david: we have never made an announcement like this. BDS will continue to have support for ALM as we move it forward, and we will have more choices for those ALM components in future versions.

jkaster:rkonopka: "There is a BIG problem with people referring to Borland "selling" the dev tools. I know you guys know this, but Borland is really looking for seed money to spin off the new company." - david: We're really focusing on key areas and our customers. This is what's important.

jkaster:jthurman: "If the new company gives you a significant increase in resources for technology partner programs, what things would you like to do with/for partners that you're not doing now?" - david: I'll turn that around to you, to send to Christine the things that YOU want that we're not doing right now.

jkaster:JoeMele: "nothing says an IDE company cares like an a robust OTA. Now IMHO the current shortcomings will be more apparent. Is there a general feeling that this deserves a greater focus now?" - david: there's always more that we need to do. I look forward to getting feedback from all of you for what more we need to do to our products to open them up. This will be even more important as "DevCo."

jkaster:Serge_D: "comment: I would think that you need to start acting now and not "after" Q2..." - david: we never said we weren't acting now. Our business is continuing. We ARE acting now. Nothing is stopping after Q2. We are moving forward, the developers are upstairs, DevRel is on the road, we're doing marketing, advertising, article placement. We're not waiting. No one has stopped here.

jkaster:InfoCan: "Are there any plans for US DevCon 2006? If so, will it be in diff format than DevCon 2005?" - david: we're in the early planning stages, we've had some meetings internally about a conference in 2006. We're very interested in what Europe is doing as well.

cellis: watch the conference newsgroup for more DevCon info
jkaster:DTkalcec: "Can you post links to the new things you are working on, which we can use in our Blogs?" - david: we're working on the products outlined in the roadmap. We'll keep you informed.

jkaster:jthurman: "Several of us BTPs appear to be experiencing the same thing: a significant drop in demand and interest for our Delphi tools/components since the announcement. Since cash flow rules small businesses, what would you tell those of us who can't tolerate this major loss of revenue through Q2?" - david: we're doing all that we can to tell our customers to keep their investments going in Delphi. You should do the same, mention this briefing, and that there's no reason to stop. Of course, I can't force our customers to keep buying our products. We can only tell them we're focused on their success.

cellis:frasersof: "what's happening about updating nda's for this year - is it all working again now?" - The process for renewing NDAs in the BTP program hasn't been broken. You may continue to submit your NDAs to me via fax or email. We will add digital signatures very soon to help automate this process and speed it up for you.

jkaster:InfoCan: "David, talk about the plans for TechPreview" - david: We provided a preview for CF development in Delphi 2005, but we need to work with the product teams to figure out how we can get previews out to our customers.

jkaster:hadi: "Are we allowed to mention some things said at this breifing or just mention it in general? Because we really need to tell our customers something" - david: You can tell your customers what has been said on this briefing. If you're unsure, send us an email or put a message in the BTP NDA newsgroup.

cellis:bmcgee: "some of these legal decisions like digital signatures, I assume they will carry forward to DevCo?" - Absolutely. Most of this technology supporting the BTP program was developed with Borland products by DevRel staff.

jkaster: Bruce, we will continue to have our online presence

aohlsson:C_Jensen: "Is Rob Cheng still there?" - Yes, Rob Cheng is still at Borland.

jkaster:C_Jensen: "Who are the people in marketing that we contact to help promote DevCo?" - david: there are marketing people all over the world. Rob Cheng, Jason Vokes, Malcolm Groves, Gordon Li, all of us in DevRel.

jkaster:JoeMele: "does DevRel have the "developer" press numbers?? to keep them informed - SDtimes, Software developemnt, infoworld, well known bloggers?? are they being updated with a view of fighting the FUD?" - david: absolutely. Our PR people are working hand in hand with us

jkaster:InfoCan: "Riley McNeilage in Canada" - thanks, Michael. Of course Riley, too!

jkaster:Serge_D: "you are looking for investor... Is there a ready-to-go a business plan for new venture? If so, what are key lines of it?" - david: absolutely. We have lots of ideas and plans. We're not at liberty to talk about anything beyond the current public roadmaps, which take us out several years.

jkaster:bmcgee: "who should we send this feedback to?" - christine ellis

jkaster:bfierens: "is there an eta for highlander ft start ?" - david: we're not to that point yet

cellis: Thank you everyone for coming today. It's great to see you all here.
jkaster: thanks for your support, everyone

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