BDNtv: DevCon 05 presentation recordings

By: John Kaster

Abstract: Watch the available recorded DevCon 05 speaker sessions now, or download them for later viewing

At 2005 Borland Developer Conference in San Francisco, California, we were able to record some of the speaker presentations. Those sessions are available now for you to watch. You may also download them to watch whenever you want, or share with colleagues. The playback is available in Flash format, so you can clearly see the captured screen.

All available conference proceedings, including slides, white papers, recordings, and/or source code can be found at

Watch Save Course #: Title Presenter
1100: PANEL: Borland Database Open Forum Joe Overton, Borland
1104: What's New in JBuilder Ken Chan, Borland
1108: What's New in C++Builder Troy Kitch, Borland
1112: Test-driven Development with Together and JUnit Don Kranz, PROCESS-exchange, Inc.
1114: Tool Uptake: Strategies for Critical Mass Wayne Miller, ExxonMobil
1120: Reporting on Deliverables for an Agile Project Don Kranz, PROCESS-exchange, Inc.
1136: C++ TR1 Library Overview Pete Becker, Dinkumware, Ltd.
1142: Getting Started with ComponentOne Studio Enterprise Geoffrey Lusty, ComponentOne
1144: The Fun Side of Delphi and C++Builder Marco Cantu, Wintech Italia Srl
2100: CaliberRM and CMMI Requirements Management Jerry Odenwelder, Borland
2106: ASP.NET Web Development with Delphi for the Microsoft .NET Framework Bob Swart, Bob Swart Training & Consultancy
2110: VCL for .NET Marco Cantu, Wintech Italia Srl
2112: Getting Started with StarTeam Enterprise Advantage Steve Reynolds, Elite Associates
2122: Build Your Own Eclipse Plug-ins Effectively Vishy Kasar, Borland
2136: Developing Web GUI Using JSF Vishy Kasar, Borland
2138: Empowering Agile Development with CaliberRM Jerry Odenwelder, Borland
2150: CASE STUDY: Sending C++Builder Apps into Orbit - WorldMap 5.0 Keith Chuvala, United Space Alliance
3014: Test-driven Development with Delphi Charlie Calvert, Falafel Software, Inc.
3100: Developing TCP/IP-based Server Applications using Indy Components Christian Wilkerson, iBASEt
3106: ASP.NET Web Forms and Databases Bob Swart, Bob Swart Training & Consultancy
3112: StarTeam SDK New Features Randy Guck, Borland
3118: Developing Custom .NET Components Ray Konopka, Raize Software
3122: Multi-platform Web Services with Delphi Bob Swart, Bob Swart Training & Consultancy
3132: Delphi Productivity Features for ASP.NET Developers Jim Tierney, Borland
3136: Refactoring and Synchronization with the StarTeam Plug-in for Eclipse James Wogulis, Borland
3138: Accelerating File Check-outs with the StarTeamMPX Cache Agent Randy Guck, Borland
3142: Delphi Design Patterns Marco Cantu, Wintech Italia Srl
3144: Using InterBase and ADO.NET Bill Todd, The Database Group, Inc.
3146: Developing Custom VCL and VCL.NET Component Designers Ray Konopka, Raize Software
3150: A Developer's Perspective on Patterns Paul Gustavson, SimVentions, Inc.
3156: Managing Application Integration Requirements In CaliberRM Stephen Brown, PROCESS-exchange, Inc.
3158: Search Server and Code Reuse Jerry Odenwelder, Borland
3162: Extending ASP.NET Applications Robert Love, PeakBiz Solutions
3164: Securing Web Services: Protecting Your Enterprise Dana Kaufman, Forum Systems, Inc.
3166: InterBase Security: A Whole New Ballgame Bill Todd, The Database Group, Inc.
3172: CASE STUDY: Complete and Integrated Application Lifecycle Management Murat Guvenc, Borland
3178: C++ TR1 Function Objects: Horses or Camels Pete Becker, Dinkumware, Ltd.
3182: Preview of ASP.NET 2.0 in Delphi Jim Tierney, Borland
3188: Requirements Elicitation with Business Process Modeling Notation Ian Buchanan, Borland
4104: WinForm User Interface and the Delphi ECO Framework Fredrik Haglund, Borland
4106: Developing Custom .NET Component Designers Ray Konopka, Raize Software
4112: Building Scalable ECO Applications Fredrik Haglund, Borland
4114: Leveraging the Power of In-memory DataSets Cary Jensen, Jensen Data Systems, Inc.
4116: CaliberRM SDK Development Jerry Odenwelder, Borland
4118: High Speed Multi-threaded Database Applications Christian Wilkerson, iBASEt
9004: OR Mapping with InstantObjects Marco Cantu, Wintech Italia Srl
9204: StarTeam URLs: Creating and Using Persistent Links to StarTeam Artifacts James Wogulis, Borland

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