BDNtv: Overview of ECO III in Borland Developer Studio 2006

By: John Kaster

Abstract: Get an introduction to the major new features of Model Driven Development in ECO III, only in Borland Developer Studio 2006

Format: Flash
Time: 21:38

BDNtv: Overview of ECO III in Borland Developer Studio 2006

Presented by: Henrik Jondell

In this BDNtv episode, Henrik talks about the new and improved features in ECO III. ECO is included with Borland Developer Studio 2006. C# and Delphi for .NET application development is supported with ECO III. Henrik covers a lot of material in a little over 21 minutes. Fortunately, you can watch it multiple times to pick up all the great new productivity gains waiting for you as you model your applications with ECO III.

Topics covered include:

  • State machines
  • Visual schema editor
  • ASP.NET autoform support
  • Automatic database schema generation
  • Automatic database schema evolution
  • ECO action language
  • ECO list actions
  • and much more!

More information on ECO can be found in the BDN ECO neighborhood. For more information on Delphi 2006, see the Delphi Home Page, and the Delphi  community on BDN.

To purchase Delphi, see our shop site.

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