BDNtv: ASP.NET forms authentication

By: John Kaster

Abstract: See how to use ASP.NET Forms Authentication in your ASP.NET applications

Format: Flash
Time: 28:23

BDNtv: ASP.NET forms authentication

Presented by: Holger Flick

Watch this episode to learn about the functionality of ASP.NET Forms Authentication and how to create ASP.NET applications with Delphi 2005 that use Forms Authentication. First, you will learn about the basic functionality of Forms Authentication. You will see how to design a simple login page and how to implement events to support Forms Authentication. Furthermore, different methods of how to store the user credentials are presented. At the end of this episode, emphasis is being put on storing the user credentials in the web.config file of your project.

You can download the examples used in this episode from CodeCentral.

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