BDNradio: Innovations in Modeling

By: John Kaster

Abstract: Listen to the replay of the live interview with Marc Brown and Tom Gullion on Together 2006

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This is a log of the chat room during the live audio chat from June 28, 2005 on Innovations in Modeling with Marc Brown and Tom Gullion.

Note: This log is only the chat room transcript. There is much additional information covered in the audio replay that is not available in this chat log. For all previous and upcoming live chats, see

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jkaster:doychin: "What exactly means business process modeling? Is there relation to business workflow process model engines like jBPM?" - tom: We're implementing the BPMN spec ...

jkaster:jkaster: "So Borland is looking to support both the business and Java development with these new features?" - Marc: one thing is leveraging visualization across the board.

jkaster:jkaster: "You mention that Borland is catering capabilities to particular roles. Can you further describe what you're delivering for each role and why Borland is taking this approach?" - Marc: there's two perspectives here, with Together Designer 2006 for targeting the analyst community. The second is Together Architect 2006 for targeting the architect.

jkaster:jkaster: "So we've talked at a fairly high level here, can you tell our audience about some of the technical details that you're support architect and developers with in this release of Together 2006?" - tom: we are providing many up front design features, such as UML 2 and UML 1.4. We are also continuing our support for LiveSource.

jkaster:jkaster: "So obviously you are at JavaOne and in a Java mindset this week, but how is Borland supporting customers who want to build heterogeneous systems that mix Java and .NET, which I think many organizations are faced with today?" - Marc: I think that's a strength of Together and a key strategy for us.

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jkaster:jkaster: "Speaking of Eclipse, could you tell us what Borland is doing around Eclipse now?" - Marc: The Eclipse platform provides a common platform for extensibility. Together has been on Eclipse for some time, but we are now bringing all of our ALM capabilities to Eclipse.

jkaster:doychin: "Will this new version introduce new price to? The previsous versions was to expensive and we really needed Java version on the price level of Visual studio version." - Marc: The Together 2006 offering will be released in Q3 of this year, and we certainly like customer input on pricing issues. Please feel free to contact us with feedback on that.

jkaster:jkaster: "What are future roles you see Borland visualizing?" - Marc: There's a huge, wide array of very exciting things Borland is looking at. Considering "How can we use visualization to better aid each role in a development team?" there are many opportunities.

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