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By: John Kaster

Abstract: Listen to Rob Cheng and JBuilder R&D members discuss the future of JBuilder

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This is a log of the chat room during the live audio chat from June 14, 2005 on the future of JBuilder

Note: This log is only the chat room transcript. There is much additional information covered in the audio replay that is not available in this chat log. For all previous and upcoming live chats, see

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jkaster:aohlsson: "I have read a Dale Fuller interview in a French magazine (Le modneInformatique) and , i don't know if the translation was accurate or not, but in this article it was stated that the next version of Jbuilder will continue to support the two frameworks (Eclipse + PrimeTime). It is not that was said in JBuilder roadmap. So what's the truth ?" - Rob: That may have been a slight misunderstanding. JBuilder 2006 will be available later this year on the Primetime framework and be supported for some time. JBulider on Eclipse will be coming shortly after that, so there will be 2 JBuilder versions being supported at the same time.

jkaster:aohlsson: "Will the new JBuilder built upon Eclipse have the same L&F (I don't like the Eclipse one!) and usability feature set than we have currently ?" - Rob: JBuilder has always distinguished itself with its human factors and usability. We'll bring that expertise to Eclpse, but we won't be making it 100% the same look as JBuilder.

jkaster:aohlsson: "Will the new JBuilder built upon Eclipse be only a set of plugins or a complete IDE ?" - Rob: Currently the thoughts are (not finalized) that both are actually in demand.
jkaster:aohlsson: "What will be the relationship between JDT and Peloton?" - Shelby: Essentially, JDT is the foundation for Peloton.

jkaster:aohlsson: "is jbuilder on eclipse going to have all the project functionality/experience of the jbuilder "classic"?" - Shelby: We've still got a lot of evaluation to do on that. The Eclipse project structure is actually very flexible. We're looking at supporting JBuilder's projects there. Karl: The [Peloton] project is still pretty young, so we're very interested in feedback.

jkaster:aohlsson: "Collaboration seems to be a centerpiece of your JBuilder/Eclipse. Do you plan to use the Eclipse Communications Framework (ECF) work as the basis for team collaboration features? If not, why?" - Rob: the focus is about moving "up the stack" and providing value to development teams as well as our current individual developer productivity. Better impact and traceability is very important for us to provide going forward.

jkaster:aohlsson: "Will Borland consider OEMing existing Eclipse technology from partners where they have a need? (IOW - buy vs. build)" - Rob: Everything is on the table at this point. We're definitely open to working with partners on this.

jkaster:aohlsson: "When do you think GMF will be productized in Borland offerings?" - Rob: it's still early to talk about GMF. It's still in its infancy.

jkaster:aohlsson: "Will the new JBuilder built upon Eclipse use Swing or SWT technology ?" - Shelby: The short answer is "both."

jkaster:aohlsson: "Will JBuilder support both JFC and SWT component sets?"" - Shelby: Right now we're evaluating visual designer support

jkaster:aohlsson: "Will Peloton expose Eclipse exension points comparable to Primetime APIs? Are you aiming for more extension points or extension capability than Primetime has?" - Shelby: We're definitely going after this model, because we see a lot of benefits from this part of the Eclipse framework. It's something we've wanted for the Open Tools API for a long time. We're already using extension points internally.

jkaster:aohlsson: ""are there plans yet for framework support in jbuilder (spring, hibernate, etc)" - Shelby: There definitely are plans for new framework support.

jkaster:aohlsson: ""Is there any plan to create tools to assist developers to use the Eclipse Rich Client Platform?" - Shelby: The Rich Client Platform has been really coming along this year. This is one of the things we see long-term benefits from, such as building a universal Caliber client.

jkaster:aohlsson: "One of the deficiencies I find in the Eclipse platform is that the Java Editor is not extensible enough for some of the things I'd like to do. Are you planning to replace the Eclipse Java code Editor?" - Shelby: we're doing the same evaluation, especially for things like collaboration to enable shared editing. We most likely won't replace it, we'll be working with the Eclipse platform developers to get the features we need.

jkaster:aohlsson: "What about some improvements see QC#13651: it has been reported in some old field tests without being implemented ???" - Shelby: we've been working on smarter code insight
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jkaster:doychin: "How much from J2EE modeling will be in Eclipse version?" - Karl: we're definitely looking at the EJB designer and fixing some issues

jkaster:doychin: "Will there be a BDNtv from current Eclipse work?" - shelby: absolutely. we're not ready yet, but we'll do that when we are ready.

jkaster:doychin: "How will the current Opentoolsmodeli be integrated in Eclipse?" - already answered

jkaster:doychin: "Where is the session for GMF ?" - replay coming soon to BDN

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