BDNradio: Delphi 2005 updates

By: John Kaster

Abstract: Read the chat room log and listen to the replay of the live interview of Danny Thorpe, Allen Bauer and Mark Edington

Delphi 2005 Updates chat

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This is a log of the chat room during the live audio chat from June 2, 2005 on Delphi 2005 with Danny Thorpe, Allen Bauer, and Mark Edington. They discuss the updates to Delphi 2005.

Note: This log is only the chat room transcript. There is much additional information covered in the audio replay that is not available in this chat log. For all previous and upcoming live chats, see

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jkaster: Atle: "Have Borland learned something from the problems with D2005, and do you have some kind of plan to make sure this does not happen again with D2006?" - Allen: Obviously, we've learned something. We're learning to say no sometimes. Danny: Delphi 2005 was a very large release, with many new things in the product. I learned to not assume anything about performance.

jkaster: RobJLove: "What tools do you use to manage your development project time line?" - Danny is already answering: CaliberRM and StarTeam are two Borland tools we definitely use, both to improve our process and to improve the products themselves.

jkaster: Atle: "Update 3 fixed some of the performance issues, still there are some big performance issues when opening forms, datamodules etc. And you still get flickering when opening a project because it seems like the form is being created 3 times. Are there any plans of fixing these problems?" - Allen: The form isn't being created 3 times. That's sort of an artifact of the way the IDE was redone for handling embedded forms.

jkaster: bmcgee: "What is the plan for cleaning up the backlog of QC entries?" - Mark: We're going to try to manage the defects in general, whether they come internally or from QC.

jkaster: Atle: "Are you planning any recruitment of more QC Admin's to get more and better report handling?" - listen to the chat

jkaster: RobJLove: "I had to upgrade machines to effectively use D2005 what are your goals for machine specs to use the product?" - Danny: what did you upgrade from? The machine specs are definitely heavier for development than deployment.

jkaster: dalewill: "Since JBuilder has a roadmap, can we expect a Delphi roadmap in the near future?" - Danny: Sure. Actually, I've had a Delphi roadmap for several weeks. It's been held up due to delicate contract negotiations. As soon as that negotiation completes, we'll be publishing a roadmap for approximately 2 years of product development.

jkaster: Serge_d: "What are official plans for CF support with Delphi 2005 - there was some information about this" - Danny: The plan is to release a command-line compiler technology preview for compact framework support that will work with Delphi 2005. I need to get the readme done now, primarily. It will be a registered user download.

jkaster: JoeH, I still plan to release an new BDP guide. Sorry other things got in the way.

jkaster: RobJLove: "Are you going to publish a document on how to integrate a language into the IDE?" - Allen: I don't really have anything to say about this at this point. Danny: It definitely behooves people to get into the Borland Technology Partner program.
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jkaster: Alec: "Any plans to improve the help system?" - Mark: Do you have specifics in mind? John: What are the QualityCentral #s?

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aohlsson: (Delphi survey link above)

jkaster: Atle: "Some reports get left behind because the QC Admins do not have enough knowledge to handle them. I have two like this, and admins says that they can't to anything with them because they don't know enough on the subject. Is there any form of handling you could have on these reports, new status etc.?" - john answered

jkaster: Alec: "re the help issue. My problem is that the help doesn't show up at all. That is, nothing is listed in the index. It's empty. Is this possibly a corruption problem?" - John: I'd post details in the delphi documentation newsgroup

jkaster: Jason50: "Qualitatively speaking, would you characterize D2006 as mostly being an improvement of D2005 or adding new features?" - Allen and Danny: Yes! It will be a combination of improvements and new features, including new compiler optimizations, new language features for both Delphi compilers, major enhancements to ECO.

jkaster: Atle: "Do Borland have any plan on integrating a tool like the Delphi Configuration Manager (by Jeremy North) into the next release. This tools help very mutch on the load time for D2005, and most people only work with one of the personalities at the same time." - Danny: Allen already talked about this earlier. Allen: Jeremy's taking advantage of a feature we've had in the IDE for a while now, but it's a bit "heavy" to use.

jkaster: bmcgee: "Will any of the survey results be published? Aside from Allen's camera phone pictures." - Allen: we generally don't publish detailed results because we don't want to give free market research to our competitors, because much of the information is not specific or limited to Delphi

jkaster: RobJLove: "What additional tools and help will borland be providing our teams to improve quality of our products?" - mark: no specific tools, other than unit testing support enhancements

jkaster: JoeH: "did no one in pre-D2005 internal testing experience the slowdowns, AVs and 'disappearing' IDE crashes before launch ?" - mark: I don't need to answer that, do I? We've pretty much covered this already.

jkaster: bmcgee: "Will we see any BDN articles from R&D team members on how they took advantage of StarTeam and Calibre?" - danny: sure, I think that's likely. It's a time equation.

jkaster: Atle: "I noticed that Indy 10 is not integrated totally to the system. Is this going to change for the next release? I would suggest that third party tools are integrated as little as possible with the system." - Allen: We shipped Indy 10 and 9 with the product mainly because there were changes in Indy 10 that required code changes.

jkaster: Atle: "more on last question: There are still SOAP code etc. that are using Indy9 units and code. But these are still there when you choose Indy10 when installing, so SOAP code will not work any more." - We will need to defer this to the newsgroups or the Indy team

jkaster: JoeH: "why was d2005 launched if 'random' AVs and slow downs wqere seen by imnternal testers ? (I am not talking about 3rd party configs at all)" - Danny: quite frankly, software development and deployment is about risk management. The question is "Is the product good enough to be of sufficient value to our customers?"

jkaster: bmcgee: "Kylix? Just kidding! Don't hit me!" - Danny: Kylix is still alive and well. We're looking for opportunities to rev the product. How we're going to do that has not been decided.

jkaster: Atle: "More for previous post: Will you try to move Indy out of the next release?" - Allen: No, not at all. Indy is a key piece of technology we depend on internally and our customers use.

jkaster: bmcgee: "Will we be able to see these QA statistics? As opposed to making up our own queries based on (possibly poor) assumptions." - john answered

jkaster: Atle: "There have always been mutch problems when upgrading third party tools that are integrated with the Delphi install process. Especially Indy. Do you have plans to try moving the integration away, or modulize it enough so that the Borland source will not have problems when Indy does upgrades." - Danny: the only way you can get away from binary dependencies is to completely disconnect. In those cases, you lose all of your performance.

aohlsson: Thank you!

Public chat

RobJLove: Good someone turned down the volume ;-)
RobJLove: I saw it 2 days ago.
Atle: hello everyone
RobJLove: who was #4 the rest where fine.
RobJLove: lol
RobJLove: better
Atle: It's very nice of Borland to have this chat. Thanx for that :)
Atle: Lucky ohlsson, in the VIP Lounge :)
Serge_d: Anders, Thank you for announcing upcomming chats in NG
holger: I liked the music...
paladin: ditto serge - this is the first chat I've attended - because I just didn't know they were happeneing

_d: To paladin: Magic word - EventCentral. Anders and John are very accurate posting there
Atle: aohlsson: Or maybe you could sing for us? :)

RobJLove: well archives of past chats are online
Serge_d: Thank you for Update 3!!!!
JoeH: qc is public ? i thought only registered users
RobJLove: Anyone can view Quality Central, and anyone can become a BDN member to get access to QC to add reports
JoeH: ah
bmcgee: Resolving duplicates and closing bogus reports as "won't do" count as cleaning up.
JoeH: yes, my disappearing ide report was fixed, thankfully (about 6 diff reports addressing that using diff keywords)
Serge_d: Lets give John a hurray for effort in promoting this system!
JoeH: indeed
RobJLove: It was a AMD 1300 with 512 Meg or RAM.
JoeH: i had to go to 1 gig ram for d2005
RobJLove: Now I have AMD 64bit with 1 Gig of RAM
bmcgee: I'm seeing not bad performance with an Athlon 1400 with 512. Better than a dual 1Gig PIII with 512.
dalewill: 1 Gig of RAM should be the minimum
JoeH: cool, like DCM :-)
Serge_d: I have it successfully run on Celeron 1.2 with 1Gb, so it is not so bad
JoeH: why not just integrate DCM ?
Serge_d: yes, yes, yes, more buzz please!
bmcgee: Delphi road map. Sweet!
JoeH: re these bdnradio 'deadlines'.. still no BDP guide doc after promises in here last fall !
Serge_d: sweet!
dalewill: I'd like to know what 'delicate contract negotiations' means.
Serge_d: to dalewill: they (borland) is probably in process of closing some "fat" contracts which are relay on Delphi 2005 and releasing an information about Delphi 2006 might postpone it
bmcgee: High level abstracts of the survey are fine.
dalewill: Agreed, high level abstract would be fine.
JoeH: yes, even an abstract without the most competitive-sensitive info
JoeH: aqtime and testcomplete as well, are great tools !
Alec: "Software deployment is all about risk management", Thats going on my wall.
JoeH: d2005 update3 is fine for me, just not before that
unixguru: i am more interested in how they're going to fix this going forward -- the rest is water under the bridge
JoeH: indeed
drwho: quite frankly it is all mud and water these days, i guess that we just have to wait a while to all products settle down...
bmcgee: Indy rocks!
bmcgee: Oops. Yes, I mean QC statistics.
unixguru: there is another way -- bundle more components (particularly a better DBGrid!)
bmcgee: Thanks guys.
unixguru: thanks to all!
dalewill: Thank you everyone
Serge_d: Great, thank you!!!
Atle: Thank you for all your answers
ijh: Thanks everyone. Great chat

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