BDNtv: C++Builder Hello World Application in DeXter

By: John Kaster

Abstract: See the future of C++Builder in this BDNtv preview of the next generation Delphi IDE

Format: Flash
Time: 7:29

BDNtv: C++Builder Hello World Application in DeXter

Presented by: Troy Kitch

See the work in progress on our next generation C++ Win32 IDE, which brings C++Builder to the latest version of the Delphi IDE, using the UI, docking, and component palette. The C++Builder personality also uses exactly the same version of the VCL as that being used by Delphi. You can see a preview of the Project Manager and include paths with search, the structure pane, the new object inspector, new editor features such as code folding, synch edit, history view and the change tracking bar. And finally, notice the new debugging features that are available.

For more information on C++Builder, see the C++Builder Home Page, and the C++ community on BDN.

To purchase C++Builder, see our shop site.

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