BDNtv: Accelerating Development with ECO II (Enterprise Core Objects)

By: John Kaster

Abstract: Watch this in-depth BDNtv episode for a great introduction to ECO

Format: Flash
Time: 42:44

BDNtv: Accelerating Development with Enterprise Core Objects (ECO II)

Presented by: Tim Jarvis

Enterprise Core Objects provides a rapid design-driven architecture for .NET, speeds development, improves quality, and increases the maintainability of complex Web Services, ASP.NET, and WinForm applications.

Architects can use the model-powered ECO Object/Relational Mapping technology to generate or map to several major enterprise-class relational databases, then later evolve the database based on changes in the design model.

With ECO II, the model is the system. This episode will show just how this powerful architecture can dramatically accelerate the development process and at the same time reduce complexity and the amount of code required.

In this BDNtv episode we will:

  • Walk through the concepts of model powered design
  • Show how we can visually design our business model using standard UML diagrams, and how that model actually becomes our system.
  • Discuss how to navigate the model using the Object Constraint Language (OCL)
  • Show how we can then automatically persist our model to a relational database.

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