IBINSTALL.DLL not updated with InterBase 7.5

By: Quinn Wildman

Abstract: IBINSTALL.DLL allows you to build your own native install on Windows

InterBase includes a set of API calls that developers on Windows platforms can use to create their own native install. These API calls are documented in the API Guide manual and all start with isc_install. They are also encapsulated in the TIBInstall component with Delphi and C++ Builder. To use these API methods you must deploy IBINSTALL.DLL.

IBINSTALL.DLL is automatically installed when you perform the InterBase client install with all versions of InterBase prior to version 7.5. To install IBINSTALL.DLL with InterBase 7.5, you must perform a custom install and select "Install API files".

IBINSTALL.DLL has not been updated with InterBase 7.5. This is significant for 3 reasons. First, IBINSTALL.DLL has no provisions to perform multiinstance installs. Secondly, the version resource still indicates version 7.1, which means the version of InterBase which is installed in the registry will be InterBase 7.1. Finally, the registry structure for InterBase 7.5 has changed. If you install Interbase 7.5 using IBINSTALL.DLL you will need to manually create the registry structure yourself. Information on the new registry structure can obtained from Registry Changes for Windows 7.5 install

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