Installable Delphi 2005 examples

By: John Kaster

Abstract: Download an installation for dozens of tested Delphi 2005 examples for use directly from the IDE

Since Delphi 2005 supports both the C# and Delphi languages, and both the Win32 and .NET API platform, I thought it would be handy to have examples that demonstrate all of these options available directly from the IDE, with text that introduces and explains them, and a format that is convenient to use.

This new way of delivering example applications was made possible by new feature for the welcome page in Delphi 2005 that supports for opening projects directly from an HTML page. I was able to write an "example publishing" application that retrieves submissions from CodeCentral and generates an index and detail page for the submissions, which were tested for compatibility with Delphi 2005.

Installing the examples

You can download the installer from CodeCentral right now. The zip file you download will contain a self-extracting executable.

Make sure Delphi 2005 is closed, then run the install. It will create a codecentral directory underneath your Delphi 2005 demos directory. The "Code Central examples" link in the Welcome page will be replaced, and point to the index page for all the examples.

Using the examples

Restart Delphi 2005, and click on the "Code Central examples" link in the Product Demos section on the left column. The examples index page will be displayed.

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The examples index page

The index page displays:

  • a link to the CodeCentral home page (which replaces the one originally on the default Welcome Page
  • a short description for each submission
  • a link to the CodeCentral author's page
  • a button to open the submitted project
  • a link to additional information, including readme entries on the submission

Clicking on the "See more details" link for a given example will display the detail page

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The examples detail page

The details page displays

  • A button for opening the project
  • A link to the CodeCentral author page
  • A link to any readme the example may have
  • A direct link to the latest download on CodeCentral for that example

Click on the "Open Project" button to open the project.

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An opened project

Note: Some examples do not conveniently open from the detail or index page, but the readmes for those examples explain how to open, compile, and install or run those examples. Some examples might have minor configuration problems you should be able to resolve if you're using a newer version of Delphi 2005 - all required source code for the examples is provided.


Thanks to all the people who generously provided the source code for these examples, to David Clegg for building the installer, and Sinan Karaca of MimarSinan International, a Borland Technology Partner for the copy of InstallAware David used.

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