Public Beta: Delphi 7.1 Update - Database supplemental

By: John Kaster

Abstract: This is a public beta of database runtime files that address defects introduced in the Delphi 7.1 update.

By Mark Edington and John Kaster

Description of Public Beta

This public beta contains updated database runtime and source files for Delphi 7. The files in this update are intended only to address defects that were introduced in the Delphi 7.1 update. You should install the Delphi 7.1 update before installing these files. See the readme_db_upd1.txt file included for additional information.

Bugs Fixed

This update resolves the following issues:

  • TDBRadioGroup may raise an EListError exception if it is focused when the associated dataset is closed. (Quality Central 8167)
  • When using nested TClientDatasets with more than one level of nesting, an Access Violation exception is raised when applying updates against the master record if update causes an error. (Quality Central 8101)
  • An Access Violation may occur when opening a clientdataset if the data is from a master/detail provider and the detail table has 2 or more fields in the primary key that are not linking fields to the master.
  • The ChangeCount property may return the wrong value when using a TClientDataSet with 2 or more nested detail datasets and records are inserted and subsequently deleted from the details. (Quality Central 8257)
  • After calling the CloneCursor method on a detail dataset the newly cloned detail is not filtered to display only the records that correspond to the current master record, but rather displays all of the details from all of the master records. (Quality Central 8318)
  • When using TDatasetProvider, any code that explicitly makes changes to the associated DataSet's SQL or Params can cause incorrect or empty results to be returned to the client. (Quality Central 8128)

Files affected by this update

This update adds or updates the following Delphi files. By default, <InstallDir> is C:\Program Files\Delphi7.

File Version     Path and File Name
------------     ------------------

                  Windows\system32\dsnap70.bpl          Windows\system32\vcldb70.bpl
7.1.1692.668     Windows\system32\midas.dll

Downloading the beta

Because this is a public beta, you must agree to a disclaimer before downloading the file containing the update. When you attempt to download the file, you will be asked if you agree to the disclaimer. The file is then streamed directly from the web server. This streaming process normally prevents auto-resuming the file with a download manager. The file is currently 822K. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause if your download gets interrupted.

You can download this file from CodeCentral. The direct link to download the file is The zip file download is 822K.

This file may be updated from time to time, and you can look at the detail listing for the file to find out when it was last updated, or any other specific notes regarding changes to this beta.


Because this is a beta version, you should back up the current, shipping version of the files you will be replacing with the files contained in this beta so you can restore them without having to re-install the entire product.

Special installation instructions

Make sure Delphi 7 is closed.

Back up your existing files. Replace them with the files contained in this download.

Extract the files from the .zip file over the Delphi7 install directory (using the path information).

Copy the contents of the delphi70\windows\system32 directory to the \windows\system32 directory of the active operating system (again, backup first).


Borland has certified this update addresses the bugs listed above and has performed additional testing as well.

Special testing instructions

Recompile applications that were affected by one bugs listed above and verify that this beta version resolves the issues.


We have performed tests to verify that the software you may be downloading and testing works as intended. However, you may still encounter problems with using this version of the software. It has not yet been certified. Please read the disclaimer you see when downloading the file very carefully, as it provides details on Borland's legal position with respect to this public beta.


Please use QualityCentral to provide feedback on this beta in the Public beta - Delphi / Database / Database supplemental project area. If you are unable to use the currently available QualityCentral clients, use the borland.public.datasnap newsgroup. If you cannot access our newsgroups with a conventional newsgroup reader, you can use a browser to access this newsgroup at

If you encounter problems with this beta product, please provide as much detail as possible in a QualityCentral report, or in a newsgroup message if you can't use QualityCentral, including the platform you are running on and steps to reproduce the problem.

If you are uncertain how to configure newsgroup access, please refer to Borland's newsgroup reference pages.

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