Borland Developer News - Java Edition, July 2004

By: Tim Del Chiaro

Abstract: Read the July 2004 installment of the Borland newsletter for Java developers. The newsletter contains information, news, and links for Java developers.

July 2004
  Exclusive Sneak Preview of JBuilder 11 

Get an exclusive sneak preview of what we have planned for the next version of JBuilder. The sneak preview shows how JBuilder 11 can help you simplify and speed the development of Web applications using JavaServer Faces - one of the hottest new Java technologies.

View the sneak preview

Writing OpenTools plugins to extend Borland JBuilder  

JBuilder is Borland’s award-winning Java development environment. It is an all-Java application written atop a generic IDE base and was designed to be easily extensible and customizable, through the OpenTools API. There is a strong ecosystem creating plugins and integrations for JBuilder today. This new paper illustrates how easy it is to build plugins and extend JBuilder using the OpenTools API, and takes you step-by-step through the process of building and adding a JSP tag wizard for JBuilder.

View the white paper

Borland Launches Borland Optimizeit ServerTrace 3  

Borland Optimizeit ServerTrace 3, a performance optimization and management solution for the J2EE™ platform and its Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) environments, is designed to reduce the business risks and costs associated with poorly performing business applications and downtime. Optimizeit ServerTrace 3, the performance testing element in the ALM cross-platform portfolio of solutions, is designed to enable teams to optimize software performance from development, testing and now into production. The product now integrates with Borland® StarTeam® for more effective application management, and a wider range of third-party load testing tools and production monitoring frameworks.
Learn more about Optimizeit ServerTrace

Borland Offers Borland Together Edition for JBuilder X Developer
This new product can take team development skills, communication and application quality to a higher level. Together Edition for JBuilder X Developer offers Java developers robust modeling and analysis functionality at a lower cost than today's existing solutions, enabling them to realize the benefits of UML™, streamline code reviews, and automate documentation generation. These capabilities should help improve design, accelerate time to market and improve software quality. Together Edition for JBuilder X Developer integrates with the already shipping JBuilder X Developer.

More information on Borland Together products
More information on JBuilder Developer 

Borland and eBay Expand Strategic Relationship Opening New Opportunities for Java Developers  

Through a joint distribution agreement, Borland will make the eBay® and PayPal® Software Development Kits (SDKs) available to millions of JBuilder developers. This agreement will provide JBuilder developers with tools and resources designed to build highly-available Java applications that tap into the eBay marketplace and PayPal online payment services. 

More information on Borland and eBay

Borland Joins the Java Tools Community (JTC)  

Borland recently joined the JTC, the organization formed by tools industry leaders to promote tool-friendly Java technology standards. As a core member, Borland will contribute to the resolution of important toolability issues so developers can have access to the standards-based tools they need to build better software, faster.

More information on Borland and the Java Tools Community

Empirix and Borland Offer Integrated Testing and Performance Management  

Borland recently announced a new marketing relationship with Empirix and integration of Empirix™ e-Load®, its flagship Web application load testing tool, into the Borland Optimizeit ServerTrace performance management product. The combination of e-Load and Optimizeit ServerTrace will offer customers a wider choice of solutions for deploying and optimizing scalable Java web applications.

More information on Borland and Empirix

Borland brings Optimizeit Suite to Mac OS X  

Borland recently announced support for Mac OS X in its next release of Borland® Optimizeit™ Suite, the company's solution for isolating and resolving performance bottlenecks during the development of Java™ applications. Optimizeit Suite, an important offering for managing the software testing process, is part of the Borland® Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) approach to improving software quality and performance. The Optimizeit Suite integrates with all leading Java integrated development environments (IDEs) and application servers, and supports Windows®, Solaris™ and Linux® operating systems.

More information on Borland Optimizeit Suite

JavaOne Roundup 

This year's JavaOne conference was a great success. A roundup is available on the Borland Developer Network which includes a summary of Borland CTO Pat Kerpan's general session, links to all of our press releases, some early results from our product usage survey, and links to some of the many articles about Borland that have appeared in industry publications since the conference.

See more about Borland at JavaOne

Borland Conference early registration deadline extended  

Be among the first to see new JBuilder features and technologies at the 2004 Borland Conference.  Don’t miss your once-a year opportunity to meet members of the JBuilder development team and learn about the latest Java technologies from experts in the industry. 

Check out the new sessions
Detailed conference information

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