JavaOne Roundup

By: Tim Del Chiaro

Abstract: A review of JavaOne including Borland announcements, survey results, and press coverage

Borland general session summary
The Sun web site has a good summary of the Borland general session, Making Development a Team Sport. Borland CTO Pat Kerpan and chief architect Rick Nadler presented a lot of great information. Many people who stopped by the Borland booth after the session mentioned how excited they were about Borland's vision, the sneak peek of JavaServer Faces and team refactoring in the next version of JBuilder, and the other solutions that Borland offers.

Borland Announcements from JavaOne

Borland Product Usage Survey
Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Borland booth and completed our survey. It's great to have details from more than 1,000 of you on which Borland products you use, how you use them, and what you like about them. Here are just a few examples:
  • A major aircraft company told us how the abilities of Borland JBuilder to automate J2EE tasks and integrate with their version control system helped them build a knowlege management system and monitoring and control system.
  • A leading internet networking provider told us how they like Borland Optimizeit performance tools because "they are fast, compact, and they work."
  • A video surveillance vendor told us how the total roundtrip engineering capabilities of Borland Together ControlCenter helped them build their video streaming and control system.
  • A number of consulting companies told us how they build everything from retail point of sale systems for restaurants to logistics systems using a combination of JBuilder, Together, and StarTeam
  • Borland products are used by retailers of all sizes from a chain of dollar stores building apps to move merchandise between stores to one of the largest retailers in the world
  • Financial institutions use JBuilder to deliver online loan applications, risk analysis, trading apps, financial transaction management, internet banking, online credit card applications, and even a commodities exchange built using Borland CaliberRM, Together, Optimizeit, and StarTeam
  • Government customers who were often unable to tell us what they build beyond "data management" or "sorry - classified" were able to tell us that they are impressed with the ease of use, reliability, and great support that they get from Borland and our products.
Borland in the News
In addition to making many announcements at JavaOne, Borland received some great press coverage. Here are just some of the articles:

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News from JavaOne: Borland announces enhanced J2EE optimization toolset
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Borland will support OS X in next Optimizeit Suite

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