Borland Survival Guide for JavaOne

By: Tim Del Chiaro

Abstract: A guide to make sure you get the most out of your visit to JavaOne.

Featured Borland Sessions and Keynote

Borland General Session (Keynote): Getting Real About Enterprise JavaTM Technology Development
ID:   1115
Speakers:   Patrick Kerpan, Chief Technology Officer, Borland Software Corporation
Rick Nadler, Chief Architect, Borland Software Corporation
Monday 1:00 PM   Hall D 
Abstract:   Are hard-core JavaTM technology coders ready to hang up their curly braces to drag and drop their way to heavy-duty, distributed Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EETM) technology applications? Not so fast. Borland CTO Pat Kerpan will lead a thought-provoking discussion that reinforces the continued need for developer-centric software development. WYSIWYG Java technology-based tools are great, but don´t address the bigger problems in software development today such as the need for a truly integrated development environment. Join Kerpan and Rick Nadler, Borland's Chief Scientist for Java technology, as they explore the world of application lifecycle management (ALM), which empowers Java technology programmers to work together productively in teams across multiple time zones to tackle complex enterprise applications.

What's New with JBuilder?
ID:   TS-3206
Speakers:   Axel Kratel, Product Manager, Borland
Thursday 1:15 PM   Hall E (130/131)
Abstract:   This session covers various aspects of Java technology development with the latest version of JBuilder. The session shows how JBuilder accelerates the whole Java technology application lifecycle, starting from the requirements, coding, building unit tests, and checking the code into a version management system. The session works with the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and builds EJB[TM] technology based applications and Struts based applications. It shows how to deploy an EJB technology application as a Web service and how to write clients for existing Web services. It also highlights the latest standards, including J2EE platform, release 1.4, and the latest language features of JDK software release 1.5. The session also highlights JavaServerTM Faces technology development with JBuilder.

Performance Tools Panel
ID:   BUS-1238
Speakers include: Lax Sakalkale, Senior Product Manager, Borland Software Corp
Monday 4:45 PM   Hall E (130/131)

Abstract:   The Java platform is fortunate to have a number of companies producing very strong tools for performance profiling, monitoring, and analysis. This session examines a number of offerings and features live demos by the vendors of the most powerful tools in action. Audience members leave this session with a better understanding of the types of tools available and how they can be applied to their problems.

JavaOne Pavilion Theater Presentation:
What Java Developers Need to Know about JBuilder and Borland Enterprise Studio for Java
Axel Kratel, Product Manager, Borland Software Corporation
Rick Nadler, Chief Architect, Borland Software Corporation
Tuesday  4:30-4:50 PM   JavaOne Pavilion

Product Announcements and Sneak Previews

We can't tell you what they will be yet, but watch for announcements of new products as well as sneak previews of upcoming products during the  demo at the Borland general session on Monday at 1:00 PM and throughout the conference. If you're not at JavaOne, check our news page for the latest press releases.

Borland Booth in the JavaOne Pavilion

Borland will be at booth #609 in the JavaOne Pavilion. We are a top-level Platinum Co-Sponsor so our booth will be one of the largest on the show floor.

Demo stations
The booth will include eight demo stations where you can see all of our Java solutions including:
  • ALM solutions for Java featuring JBuilder and Borland Enterprise Studio for Java
  • ALM solutions for Eclipse including Together, CaliberRM, StarTeam, and Optimizeit
  • Interoperability featuring Borland Janeva
  • Modeling featuring Borland Together
  • Performance featuring Optimizeit ServerTrace and Optimizeit Suite
  • SCM and Requirements Management featuring StarTeam and CaliberRM
Complete a Borland survey and receive an exclusive Borland JavaOne Tour 2004 t-shirt while supplies last.

ALM for Java CD
Stop by the information desk to pick up the new Borland ALM for Java CD which includes an extensive demonstration of the Borland Java products from a developer perspective, a higher level presentation to help management understand the value of Borland solutions, white papers, links to trial software, and much more.

Borland Party

On Tuesday evening, Borland will be hosting a big JavaOne party at Club NV, a short walk from the convention center.

You can only get into the party if you have an invitation. Stop by the Borland booth and pick up a party invitation. We usually run out of invitations by Monday afternoon be sure to stop by early. The party features great food, drinks, live music, prizes, and dancing from 7pm until midnight.

Look Inside your JavaOne Bag

Every JavaOne attendee show bag will include a Borland JBuilder trial CD. The CD is a fully functional 30-day evaluation version of JBuilder. If you aren't attending the show, you can download the trial here.

Additional information

For more information on JavaOne, visit the official JavaOne Web site.

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