JBuilder X Update 2 Now Available

By: Tim Del Chiaro

Abstract: Update contains JBuilder X plug-in for Borland Enterprise Server 6.0 and several bug fixes

Borland JBuilder X Update 002 is now available to licensed users of JBuilder X. See the readme file below for details.

Download JBuilder X Update 2 from the JBuilder X Registered Users Page
(You must log in with the user name and password that you used to register JBuilder X)

What about update 001?
JBuilder X Update 001 was only available as part of the install for Enterprise Studio 7 for Java. Update 002 is cumulative and includes all of the fixes from update 001.

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Borland JBuilder X Update 002: Release Notes

Borland JBuilder X Update 002
Release Notes

This software patch is being provided to licensed users of Borland JBuilder X.
Installation and use is governed by the license statement for Borland JBuilder X.

This patch is intended for use with English versions of JBuilder X only.

This update contains the JBuilder X plug-in for Borland Enterprise Server 6.0, as well as several bug fixes.

Borland Enterprise Server 6.0 Support

Borland® Enterprise Server 6, AppServerTM Edition is one of the most reliable, scalable, and fastest application servers for J2EETM platform applications and Web Services. A leading certified implementation of the J2EE 1.3 standard, AppServer Edition supports the latest industry standards such as EJBTM 2.1, JavaTM Message Service (JMS) 1.02, Servlet 2.3, JSPTM 1.2, XML, and SOAP. It is built on top of Borland® VisiBroker®, the most widely deployed CORBA® solution on the market and provides powerful management features that enable high reliability, failover, and automatic restarting upon failure. Its revolutionary Application Server Partitioning architecture and tight integration with Borland® JBuilder®, the leading JavaTM development solution, supports an efficient, seamless development and deployment environment for enterprise-class J2EE applications.

To download a trial version of Borland Enterprise Server 6, please visit the Borland Enterprise Server Downloads web site.

What's new in Borland Enterprise Server 6

The major new features in Borland® Enterprise Server 6 (AppServerTM Edition, Team Edition, and Web Edition) include:

  • Improved manageability and availability, with reduced overhead; a non-intrusive architecture; documented and XML-based deployment schema; and automated recovery of failed components.
  • Dynamic configuration management that allows you to define custom start and stop dependencies, define functional dependencies, and monitor multiple Borland Enterprise Server configurations in a single host.
  • Enhanced integration with other Borland products, including Borland® Together® ControlCenterTM, Borland® JBuilderTM, Borland® OptimizeitTM ServerTrace, Borland® JanevaTM, and the new Borland® Deployment Op-Center.
  • Pluggable Java Message Service (JMS): TIBCO EnterpriseTM for JMS 3.11 is included with the AppServer Edition and the Team Edition. TIBCO Enterprise for JMS 3.11 is a high-end, enterprise-grade implementation of the JMS 1.0.2 standard required by J2EETM 1.3. SonicMQ® is also certified with Borland Enterprise Server and is available upon request. In addition to supporting these leading JMS providers, it is also possible to plug in any JMS product that is CTS-compliant and implements the JMS 1.0.x chapter 8 APIs.
  • Next Generation IIOPTM Connector: Added support for statically defined clusters that can span ORB domains and support for HTTP 1.1 chunking.
  • Enterprise JavaBeansTM, or EJBTM, Container improvements: Significant performance tuning with focus on Entity Beans using CMP. Major improvements in handling of local interfaces by leveraging Java Dynamic Proxies.
  • CMP Engine improvements: Dynamic queries support, CMP configuration verification, added support for arrays and char, Character as valid data types for CMP field.
  • Performance improvements in message-driven beans and messaging in general: Container-mediated JMS messaging now benefits from JMS connection, session, and other resource pooling.
  • UDDI Server is added as a new partition service.
  • Enhanced logging: Partition logging now based on log4j.
  • Enhanced statistics: Management Console includes many new statistical panels for the partition, its services, and the applications it is hosting.

Known Issues

  • [191802] You cannot open the Borland Enterprise Server console if you have configured both Borland Enterprise Server 5.2.1 and Borland Enterprise Server 6.0 in JBuilder.
    Workaround: Only configure the version of Borland Enterprise Server (5.2.1 or 6.0) that you need for your current project.
  • [192982] JSP Compilation fails if jsp is created in a directory with "_" in the name.
    Workaround: Rename directory to remove "_" characters.
  • [194670] Redeploying a module when the server is running sometimes results in a FileAccessError.
    Workaround: Retry deployment, or restart the server.
  • [191836] If you deploy a WAR with JSPs and/or servlets, and then add new JSPs or servlets and redeploy, the new JSPs or servlets sometimes do not get loaded, and are not available from the server.
    Workaround: Retry deployment, or restart the server.
  • [193761] If the bean name ends with "Helper", then it can not deployed to Borland Enterprise Server 6.
    Workaround: Rename the bean so that it does not end with "Helper".
  • [194764] Changing the management agent port in the VM params field of the Deployment tab of module Properties dialog has no effect, i.e. will not cause a module deployment to be done using the new management agent port number.
    Workaround: To deploy to a server on a different port, you must stop your server and management agent, and change the port in the Server Properties dialog, Custom tab, under Advanced settings...
  • [190088] The management osagent does not always shut down when the Management Agent is stopped. This is intermittent. It has no negative functional consequences besides leaving an extra process running. When the Management Agent is restarted, it will not attempt to start a new osagent; it will re-use the running osagent.
  • [no bug #] Changes to the Server or Configuration name in either the Deployment tab of the module properties dialog, or in the Server Properties dialog, Custom tab, will not be correctly applied unless you stop the management agent and the server, and then restart them.

For more information about Borland Enterprise Server 6, including FAQs and workarounds, please visit the Borland Enterprise Server Support web site. If you have a problem, please report it via the Bug Submission Form. Please be sure to include steps to reproduce, source code to help reproduce the problem and the exact text of any error messages encountered.

Specific Fixes for JBuilder X

This patch fixes these specific issues:

  • [186856] Changing a variable name for a Context (e.g., EntityContext, SessionContext) on the EJB Designer now also does so for setSessionContext() and unsetSessionContext().
  • [186388] When Together modeling components are installed, changing the package name from the default of <Project Source> now generates correct code.
  • [188216] The Javadoc formatting logic now works correctly.

For more information about JBuilder, including FAQs and workarounds, please visit the JBuilder Developer Support web site. If you have a problem, please report it via the Bug Submission Form. Please be sure to include steps to reproduce, source code to help reproduce the problem and the exact text of any error messages encountered.

Installation Instructions

Read all the instructions through once before applying the update. The following description assumes that JBuilder has been installed in the directory JBuilderX. If you have installed JBuilder in a different directory, substitute the one that you used. Unix users should substitute a simple (forward) slash ("/") wherever a backslash ("") appears in a path name.

This patch is delivered as one ZIP file (jbx_patch_002.zip) and Release Notes.

To install the patch:

  1. If JBuilder is running, exit JBuilder.
  2. Remove any and all other JBuilder X updates (jbx*.jar) from your JBuilderXpatch directory.
  3. Copy the patch ZIP file (jbx_patch_002.zip) to a local directory.
  4. Unpack the ZIP file into your JBuilderXpatch installation. This should copy jbX_all.jar and jbX_bes.jarinto your JBuilderXpatch directory.
  5. Restart JBuilder.

File List

In addition to this document, the update consists of the following files:

File Name Size
jbX_all.jar 949,114 bytes
jbX_bes.jar 409,193 bytes

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