Borland, the Java Community Process (JPC), and the Java Tools Consortium (JTC)

By: George Paolini

Abstract: This article contains the Borland public statement regarding our membership in the Java Community Process, and our decision not to join the recently anounced Java Tools Consortium.

Borland Public JTC Statement

As a company we have inputted extensively into the JCP process. Our focus on customer value means that we are one of the few 'independent' companies out there with a fierce adherence to implementing the latest standards, as evidenced by the thriving ecosystem around our market leading development environment, Borland JBuilder, today.

The goal of the JTC organization is 'toolability'  Borland already has over half a decade of experience with the market leading Java development environment, Borland JBuilder. JBuilder today has more plug-ins (over 700) to its framework than any other Java IDE. These plug-ins provide a robust and diverse set of extensions to JBuilder. There are currently about 1 million developers using JBuilder. Borland has consistently proven its ability to innovate with the latest Java standards and this is what we are focusing our time and effort on.

Borland has been involved with the organization since September 2003 and was instrumental in encouraging the strong alignment between the JTC and JCP. To date, however, the relationship between the JTC and JCP is vague at best. There is no mechanism by which the JTC can actually influence any part of the JCP process, without some set of changes to the JCP structure itself. Consequently, Borland has decided to await a formalized roadmap and process between the JTC and the JCP before making a decision to join.

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