Come learn about Octane! Sneak peeks around the world!

By: Anders Ohlsson

Abstract: First ever Octane sighting at Entwickler Konferenz in Frankfurt, Germany last night.

In a late night sneak peek showing of Octane, DevRel showed the following (David I holding the microphone, Anders driving the IDE):

  • A simple FCL application using only .NET framework controls - the classic button/textBox/listBox one line of code demo - listBox1.Items.Add(textBox1.Text).
  • A simple database VCL for .NET application using the BDE. A simple form written in Delphi 7 using a TDataBase (hooked to the DBDEMOS alias), a TTable (hooked to customer.db), a TDBGrid, and a TDBNavigator was ported to VCL for .NET in Octane with no changes to the form itself.
  • In an attempt to raise the roof even further, a full-blown master/detail VCL for .NET application using the BDE. A TFrame with a TDBGrid, a TDataSource and a TDBNavigator. A form with a TDatabase (DBDEMOS), two TTable (customer/orders), and a TSplitter, and two of the above frames. Both forms written in Delphi 7, saved to disk, and added to a project in Octane. No changes to either unit.

This accomplished two things:

  • It showed people that it will be as easy as possibly to move VCL applications to .NET using Octane.
  • It also showed people that you can also create FCL applications with no VCL for .NET.

Borland has always allowed you to move into the future without abandoning your past, and this sneak peek was geared at showing that when it comes to moving to .NET.

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More info on Octane coming to you on the BDN shortly...

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