Why does the JBuilder 9 Enterprise installation application not ask for the second CD which contains OptimizeIt Suite 5.5?

By: Christopher Moeller

Abstract: Explanation of the default behavior of the JBuilder 9 Enterprise Windows installation application.


After installing JBuilder 9 Enterprise (Disk 1 of 2), I receive a message that OptimizeIt Suite 5.5 will be installed, but it never asks for the OptimizeIt Suite 5.5 CD (Disk 2 or 2). The installation application then indicates that OptimizeIt Suite 5.5 has successfully been installed. Indeed, OptimizeIt Suite 5.5 appears to have been installed. So, what is the reason for the second CD (Disk 2 or 2)?


If you are installing JBuilder 9 Enterprise on Windows, the OptimizeIt Suite 5.5 install is included automatically in the (default) JBuilder install, so it is not necessary to ask the user for the second CD.

If you are installing on either LInux or Solaris, OptimizeIt Suite 5.5 must be installed directly from Disk 2 of 2.

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