Clever Internet Suite Version 3.1 Release

By: Clever Components

Abstract: Downloading, uploading and submitting of internet resources. Sending and receiving e-mail messages via SSL.

The Clever Internet Suite Version 3.1 ultimate advantage comes from using out-of-sync downloading combined with splitting the resource being downloaded into sections and loading all the sections simultaneously!

The Clever Internet Suite is the only library which gives you the Power of splitting the files into sections and downloading them at the same time simultaneously in the different threads in out-of-sync modes.

The Clever Internet Suite Version 3.1 represents the expansion of the previous version 2.5. We introduce a new visual component TclProgressBar and two new mail components TclSMTP and TclPOP3.

The TclProgressBar component allows you to display the progress information about resource downloading, uploading or www data posting.

The TclSMTP and TclPOP3 components allow to send and retrieve messages from anywhere. The set of these components can connect to mail server via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) channel, allows to encode / decode message content, send file attachments and many other useful things.

The following main features have been implemented in this version:

  • The whole HTTP header classes have been redesigned. New advanced editor will help you to build HTTP requests directly from Delphi/C++ Builder IDE at design-time. Please see the clDCUtils topic to learn more about new HTTP request structure.
  • Multipart Multitreading Downloading - allows you to download a web resource in more than 1 thread simultaneousely.

  • This key technology is used by all popular download managers - Mass Downloader, ReGet, FlashGet, GetRight and others but from now you can archive same high results just by using our fine components! Animated image below shows on the left side how Clever Internet Suite downloading internet resource using 4 threads and on the right side standard downloading process displayed:
    Bottom part of the image represents the resources being downloaded by two different methods and the TclProgressBar component located on the top displays the downloading progress.

  • Connecting to e-mail server via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) channel.

  • All components of the Internet Suite allow operating on remote resources using both the out-of-sync and in-sync states.

  • Ability of resuming broken or stopped downloads from where they left off on both HTTP/HTTPS and FTP servers.

  • The engine maintaining library operations allows you to work by the secured channel (HTTPS) using Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

  • Using certificates for encrypted connections. To get more information about using certificates in the Clever Internet components see Using certificates for SSL encrypted connections page.

  • Simulation web form POST requests.

  • Allows you to have standard GUI authentication mode by using the Internet Explorer Error Dialog.

  • Full indexed help system. Delphi and C++ Builder demos code.

  • Please visit the TclProgressBar and two new mail components Clever Internet Suite History page to see the full feature and bug list.

    Redesigned class hierarchies allow the end-users to expand the library in a convenient way.

    If you have any earlier version of Clever Internet Suite you can easily update your software with our new version.

    If you are already our member and have purchased the previous version of the Clever Internet Suite you can get special discount for buying any pack of the Clever Internet Suite at Members Special Discounts.

    To make easier the updating process we have created the list of all modifications that affected the external interface of the internet-classes. How to migrate from the Clever Internet Suite Version 1.0 to Version 2.x

    The Clever Internet Suite v 3.1 consists of one library - clinetsuite. This library contains the complete number of components for downloading and uploading resources which have been included in previous version (2.5).

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