Open Letter to the Delphi Community

By: Simon Thornhill

Abstract: Simon Thornhill writes about the next Delphi release in this open letter

Dear Delphi Customer,

We have some exciting news to share on the progress and direction of the next Delphi release, code named Project Octane. Over the past year much has progressed in the world of Delphi, Windows and Microsoft .NET. Delphi 7 Studio and the .NET preview have been met with resounding success. Weve seen the Windows platform begin to steer directly toward .NET. And most importantly, weve continued to receive valuable feedback from Delphi developers at events, seminars, and surveys around the world that make it clear we are at the stage where Delphi developers are ready for a full commitment to .NET.

Since Delphi has always been about simplifying Windows development, and with the Windows platform and APIs transitioning to .NET, it makes sense that Borland would be committed more than ever to continue making Delphi the best Windows development platform with support for .NET. Therefore, we have increased our focus on .NET technology in Octane, - the next Delphi release - to 100%. This is an adjustment to our previously published plan which had included an update to our Win32 Delphi technology in the Octane release.

Our plans for Octane now include a complete Delphi language implementation for .NET, a full .NET implementation of the VCL framework and designers, full support for Windows Forms and ASP.NET Web Forms, Web Services, ADO.NET, ECO Model Driven development and much more. We are also pleased to note that we remain on track for a 2003 release of this supercharged, complete .NET Delphi development system.

Borland certainly believes that there are still many more Win32 projects to be developed with Delphi for years to come and do plan to support and update the Win32 Delphi technology in the future. However .NET is clearly the direction of the Windows platform and will be the most important focus for Delphi developers in the near term. We are tremendously excited about the .NET opportunities ahead and we look forward to realizing them with you, our valued Delphi customers, partners, and friends.

Best regards,
Simon Thornhill
Vice President and General Manager
.NET Solutions

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