Migrating to InterBase.

By: Ben Matterson

Abstract: An overview on how to transfer data to InterBase from another database.


How do I transfer data to InterBase from some other database?


There are a few different ways to do this.

Ideally, the development tool you use to write applications for InterBase could connect to both InterBase and the other database, maybe through ODBC or whatever. You would then read your data out of the old database, and insert into your new, InterBase database.

Another way would be to export the data from the other database as fixed length text. You would then use the resulting text file as an external file in InterBase, and then insert into an InterBase table from the external table. This method will not work for blobs, and carries some risk of inaccuracy for high precision floating point numbers. This risk is due to the way floating point numbers are represented in computers, rather than anything specific to InterBase itself.

Finally, you could also use a ready made tool for transferring data from one database to another. This is similar to the first method above, but using an existing tool instead of writing it yourself. DataPump that comes with Delphi is one such tool. There may be other utilities that allow you to move data from one table to another.

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