Sip from the Firehose: March 24, 2003 - CodeWright

By: David Intersimone

Abstract: In this edition of his column, David I tells the BDN membership about the new Borland CodeWright Product Group.

Sip from the Firehose: March 24, 2003 - CodeWright

Scotts Valley, CA
Monday, March 24, 2003

I've been asked about the status of CodeWright® by several Borland Developer Network (BDN) members. So I talked to members of the CodeWright team and here's the scoop.

CodeWright Product Group

With the acquisition of Starbase, and in keeping with a commitment to create better software faster, Borland formed the CodeWright Product Group in Beaverton, Oregon. The CodeWright Product Group is being run as an independent unit within the Borland family, with its own R&D, Sales, and Marketing teams. This group currently has two products, Borland® CodeWright® 7.0, and the newly released Borland® CodeWright® for Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET.

About CodeWright

CodeWright, The Programmers Editing System™, is designed to provide a comprehensive development workbench of indispensable tools. CodeWright is made to facilitate remote communication and file editing, automate repetitive tasks, accelerate coding, reuse legacy code, customize your environment, maintain coding standards and synchronize with the Borland C++ Builder, Borland Delphi and Microsoft IDEs.

CodeWright for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET provides Drop-in Editing Power for Visual Studio .NET. Augmenting a strong foundation, CodeWright for .NET helps you optimize time to market by adding valuable editing, communication, analysis, automation, navigation and search tools to the IDE. Built for seamless integration, CodeWright for .NET supports IBM CUA®, Borland® BRIEF®, Lugaru® Epsilon™, vi or custom keymaps. CodeWright for .NET offers indispensable online code review (CodeMeeting™), handy bookmarks, robust file and directory differencing, expanded language beautification, time-saving spell check and more to complement Visual Studio .NET.

CodeWright Customers Speak

CodeWright - Howard Meyerson, Varian Medical Systems

    "Varian Medical Systems designs and manufactures radiation therapy systems, including the Clinac® medical linear accelerator. I work on the software that controls the mechanical axes and beam generation. I am currently working on a new release of this control software.

    This task entails dealing with original software, software I have been developing on a branch, and software that other developers have been developing on the original trunk. The capabilities of CodeWright for handling merging of multiple sources and for clearly displaying the differences were the key factor in my choice of CodeWright as my desktop editor. It greatly reduces the overhead of juggling multiple versions of source code.

    I also appreciated CodeWright's ability to control highlighting for various source languages and the ease of launching it from other tools such as Tornado (VxWorks). I have used previous versions of CodeWright in the past; familiarity never hurts, and it improves the learning curve."

CodeWright for .NET - Jack Hudler, Sr. Software Engineer, Citadel Security Software, Inc.

    "Thank you Team CodeWright! I was faced with many changes when I moved to Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, including learning a new keymap. When I found the BRIEF keymap and the ability to reconfigure the Numpad keys inside CodeWright for .NET, I felt like it re-attached my right hand! CodeWright for .NET adds significant value to Visual Studio .NET. You guys are the best!"

CodeWright Website

The CodeWright Product Group hosts the website to provide detailed information on CodeWright and CodeWright for .NET. Look for Frequently Asked Questions, a CodeWright Knowledge Base and User Forum, our From the Editor's Desk newsletter, web seminar schedules, product patches and more to enhance your user experience.

I also invite CodeWright and CodeWright for .NET users to check out the Borland Developer Network at, the content, communication, and collaboration community for developers.

David Intersimone "David I"
VP, Developer Relations and Chief Evangelist
Borland Software Corporation

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