Cross-platform project conversion tool for C++Builder and Kylix

By: John Kaster

Abstract: A new utility is available for cross-platform C++ development with Borland IDEs

New for C++Builder and Kylix

Registered users of purchased versions of C++Builder or Kylix can now download a cross-platform project conversion tool wizard.

Save valuable time with your cross platform development by automatically converting project files between C++Builder 6 and Kylix 3. This download is for all C++Builder 6 6 and Kylix 3 registered users and can be found on their respective registered users sites. For C++Builder, that URL is and for Kylix it is

The readme is listed below.

Project Conversion Utility 1.0 (for C++Builder 6)
Release Notes




The Project Conversion Utility (PCU) converts a Kylix 3 C++ project 
file to a C++Builder 6 project file.


You can run the PCU from a wizard in the C++Builder IDE or from the
command line.

To use the wizard, select the "Tools|Project Conversion Utility"
option in the C++Builder IDE.

To run the PCU from the command line, use the startpcu command. By
default, the startpcu.exe file is located in the following directory:

C:\Program Files\Borland\CBuilder6\PCU\bin

For more information about the PCU, see the PCU online Help available
from the wizard or, by default, in the following directory:

C:\Program Files\Borland\CBuilder6\PCU\bin\KYLIX2BUILDER.HLP


*The C++Builder IDE must be launched at least once prior to installing
the PCU.  Otherwise, the following error message is issued during the
PCU installation: "C++Builder 6.0 installation not found."

*When executing the PCU from the command line or wizard, you must
specify the file extension (for example, .bpr or .bpk) for the source
project and, if specified, the target project. Otherwise, a "project
not found" error occurs, for example:

// [ERROR] target for '' project not found

*The PCU does not remove the Pascal compiler flag -P. Use the
following procedure to manually remove the -P flag:

1. Open the project file (*.bpr) in a text editor.

2. Remove the Pascal compiler flag -P. This flag is found in the value
   of the tag PFLAGS. For example, change this:
    	<PFLAGS value="-P -$YD -$W -$O- -$A8 -v -JPHNE -M"/>
	to this: 	      	
    	<PFLAGS value="-$YD -$W -$O- -$A8 -v -JPHNE -M"/>

*The PCU does not generate the IDLFLAGS flags when converting a Kylix
project file to a C++Builder project file. This tag must be added

*If the project value of an application has an extension, the
.exe extension is not added to the project value. The .exe extension
must be added manually.

*The PCU does not map relative and absolute paths. For example, the
path /home/root/myapp will be converted to \home\root\myapp. 

*When a project is converted, a file named shadow.log is created in
the project target directory. Do not delete or modify this file.  It
contains some of the original project settings and can be used to
convert the project file back to Kylix. If the shadow.log file is
empty or not present, the project file can still be converted, but
some of the original Kylix project settings might be lost.

*If a C++Builder project is converted to Kylix C++ and then converted
back to C++Builder, the .cpp is not modified for the Windows
environment.  Review the .cpp file and manually update it for Windows.

Copyright © 2003 Borland Software Corporation.
All rights reserved.

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