IntraWeb and Rave updates are available for Delphi 7

By: John Kaster

Abstract: Delphi 7 updates for AtoZed IntraWeb and Nevrona Rave Reports are now available for download

Updates to IntraWeb and Rave are now available to registered users of purchased versions of Delphi 7 Pro, Enterprise, and Architect.

Nevrona Rave Reports Borland Edition (BE) update is 5.66MB, and is for English, French and German language versions of Delphi 7. This update is for Delphi 7 Studio Architect, Enterprise and Professional customers only. It includes changes to Rave Reports BE rendering, data handling, TRvProject, preview, and Rave Visual Report Designer.

The update for IntraWeb is 4.15MB. For Intraweb updates, please go to the Delphi download page to follow the link to the AtoZed Software Website.

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