Multi-threaded programming contest winners

By: John Kaster

Abstract: The winners have been selected for the multi-threaded programming contest

Last year, we held a BDN programming contest on multi-threaded programming. It was a very open contest, with entries accepted for any of our IDE products.

The quality of the submissions was quite impressive. Many submissions provided great examples of multithreaded application programming, and many are also either quite entertaining or even very good utility applications.

In fact, the quality of submissions was so impressive we decided we couldn't limit the awards the way we had originally intended. Instead of awarding one "Pro"-level product version equivalent, we are awarding two (2) Enterprise-level products and five (5) "Pro" products. The winners can pick from JBuilder, C++Builder, Delphi, and Kylix IDEs for their awards.

Enterprise product winners

The following people get their choice of Enterprise product:

"Pro" product winners

The following people get their choice of "Pro" product:

More contests?

Our deepest thanks and admiration to those of you who entered this contest. The submission quality and quantity was very impressive. As soon as we have someone lined up who can devote more time to the next programming contest, it will begin. If you have suggestions for the next programming contest, you can comment on this article, email me, or post them on the BDN community newsgroup.

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