JBuilder 8: EJB Designer becomes unresponsive with a large EJB groups.

By: Josh Fletcher

Abstract: Workaround for a bug in Xerces 2.2.


When working with projects using medium to large XML based EJB groups, i.e. with a large number of beans or a large schema, the system hangs for a significant amount of time before opening the Designer. Performance is also considerably degraded on actions like right-clicking on files, opening projects, etc.

What can I do?


This problem is caused by a performance issue with Xerces 2.2.

Users with large EJB group files, i.e. either a large number of beans or a large database schema, are advised to use one of the following solutions:

  • Revert back to Xerces 2.0.2. Please note that you might run into the following issues in Xerces 2.0.2:
    • Apache bug # 10485 - Cannot load XMLs from disk, if current directory has spaces.
    • Apache bug # 12257 - Does not load schema, if path of XML has spaces.
    Also note that this solution is supported by Borland.

  • Install the patch for Xerces 2.2 found here:
    Please note that this solution is NOT supported by Borland.

To revert to Xerces 2.0.2 :

  • Make a backup of the xercesImpl.jar in the JBuilder lib directory.
  • Download Xerces 2.0.2 from the Apache site.
  • Copy xercesImpl.jar from the Xerces 2.0.2 distribution to the JBuilder lib directory.

To install the patch :

  • Copy the patch jar to the patch directory under the JBuilder home directory and restart JBuilder.

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