When my build.xml is imported into JBuilder an exception occurs: "java.io.IOException: CreateProcess: javac..."

By: Christopher Moeller

Abstract: Addressing possible causes of "java] java.io.IOException: CreateProcess: javac..."


Using Ant to compile my project from the commandline succeeds without errors, but when the build.xml is imported into JBuilder, the following exception occurs during compilation:

[java] java.io.IOException: CreateProcess: javac -nowarn -verbose -classpath C:JBuilder8jdk1.4jrelibrt.jar;C:JBuilder8jdk1.4jrelibi18n.jar;C:JBuilder8jdk1.4jrelibsunrsasign.jar;C:JBuilder8jdk1.4jrelibjsse.jar -d ejbcgen ejbcgencomappsmyApp*.java error=2

Why is this exception occuring?



The above error would occur if the target "javac" was not being found by the build process. In this case, the build is working correctly when started from the commandline because the path to "javac" is correctly set within the operating system path.

If you have an Ant properties file where your environment is configured, you may wish to verify the settings. If you have configured Ant to use the JDK indicated with the project properties within JBuilder, you may wish to verify that the JDK has been defined properly.


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