JBuilder 8: How do I manually launch the installation application directly from a commandline?

By: Christopher Moeller

Abstract: Launching the installation application directly from a commandline


The JBuilder 8 installation application fails to launch properly, or closes immediately without displaying an error message. Is there a way to manually launch the installation application directly from a commandline?



Use the following method for manually launching the installation application (for JBuilder 8) from a commandline. You will need to indicate the actual drive letters that correspond with your devices.

* Place the JBuilder installation CD in the CDROM drive, but close the main install launcher if it appears.

* Open a command prompt.

* Execute the following three commands:

<CDROM> = drive letter mapped to your CDROM drive

<HARD_DRIVE> = driver letter mapped to your hard drive

<PATH_TO_TEMP_FOLDER> = (examples: C:temp; C:WinNTtemp, C:Documents and Settings<user_name>Local SettingsTemp)

1. cd "<CDROM>:Windows"

2. set CLASSPATH=<CDROM>InstallerDataIAClasses.zip;<CDROM>Windowsresourcejdglue.zip;<CDROM>InstallerDataInstaller.zip;<CDROM>WindowsInstallerDataInstaller.zip;<CDROM>InstallerData;<CDROM>WindowsInstallerData;

3. <CDROM>windowsresourcejrebinjavaw.exe -Xms33554432 -Xmx134217728 -noverify com.zerog.lax.LAX <CDROM>Windowsent_install.lax <HARD_DRIVE>:<PATH_TO_TEMP_FOLDER>env.prop


    cd "F:Windows"

    set CLASSPATH=F:InstallerDataIAClasses.zip;F:Windowsresourcejdglue.zip;F:InstallerDataInstaller.zip;F:WindowsInstallerDataInstaller.zip;F:InstallerData;F:WindowsInstallerData;

    F:windowsresourcejrebinjavaw.exe -Xms33554432 -Xmx134217728 -noverify com.zerog.lax.LAX F:Windowsent_install.lax C:tempenv.prop


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