The Coad Letter: Modeling and Design Edition, Issue 67, Some Color Modeling and FDD Questions, by Peter Coad

By: Coad Letter Modeling Editor

Abstract: In this issue, we answer some of the common questions about color modeling and Feature Driven Development.

Dear Friend,

Hello and welcome to a new series of Coad Letters.

I hope you had a very enjoyable summer and are ready for exciting times ahead!

This issue: a short Q&A thread on several topics from "Java Modeling in Color"

Very best,

Peter Coad

Peter Kropf, Principal Software Engineer, Silicon Valley Networks wrote:

I attended your Modeling in Color session at Java One and was very interested in the ideas that you presented. I was wondering if I might ask a few questions that I hope will be fairly easy to answer. Thanks for any insight you can provide! And I look forward to TJ3 and seeing how modeling in color works with the projects that we have coming up.

Q. Have you used the color modeling on existing products/projects? That is to say, have you applied the color modeling ideas to a model that has already been through the full development cycle?

A. Yes. In fact, I carry along four highlighting pens and mark up the model as someone walks me through it. the colors help me get my bearings -- and help me focus on both model shape and model content. (warning: once you're used to this, not having those highlighting pens around is a real bummer ;-)

Q. In the FDD, you describe how to build a product in 2 week increments that include the modeling, implementation and unit testing. But you don't describe
inter-increment testing. Is this implied in the process? As in the chief architect is responsible for ensuring that the work of the various team will integrate together at a model level. And the teams themselves are to include the inter-increment unit testing.

A. Unit testing -- is part of the "code" step within "build by feature". System testing -- is on-going with the test team, throughout DBF/BBF

Q. In general, at what point in the FDD process would I expect to have the general timelines defined? At the end of the Plan by Feature step?

A. Yes

Q. How can an existing project be brought in line by using the FDD process?

A. Crack the whip! ;-)
What I suggest:

  • sketch an initial model
  • add major features to it (using the archetypes as a guide)
  • develop a features list (from the model and whatever project docs/outputs you have)
  • break those features down in to little features (design and build in 2 weeks or less)
  • plan
  • start delivering frequent, tangible, working results



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