JBuilder 8: Linux installation FAQ

By: Steve Peters

Abstract: General tips for installation problems with JBuilder 8 on Linux.


I'm having problems installing JBuilder on Linux. What can I do?


Linux Install Checklist:

  1. Review ALL "Installation Notes" in your installation instructions. These are on the JBuilder CD in the "/setup/setup_linux.html" file.

  2. Install from within XWindows. You cannot install outside of XWindows.

  3. Make sure you have the right version of your Linux kernel for the JDK. Version 2.2.12 or higher is needed. You can find out which kernel you're using with the command uname -a.

  4. Make sure you have the right version of glibc for the JDK. Version 2.1.2 or higher is needed. You can check this with the command ldd --version.

  5. If the JBuilder 8 launcher fails, exit from it and run the product installer directly, for example:

    sh /mnt/cdrom/linux/<installer> LAX_VM <path the java executable>

    For example:

    sh /mnt/cdrom/linux/ent_install.bin LAX_VM /usr/local/jdk1.3/bin/java

    Note that you will need JDK 1.3.x installed prior to doing this.

  6. Check the LANG environment variable. If it is not set to "en_US", you may need to unset it prior to running th installer (using unset LANG). There seems to be some issues with international support in InstallAnywhere. Note: the LANG variable needs to be unset only inside the teminal window used to launch the install program.

  7. If the install still doesn't work try changing your display color depth to anything but 16bpp (i.e. 32, 24, 8, etc.). There are some problems with AWT and 16bpp color displays, but this change usually fixes the problem (note, you may or may not need to leave this change in order to run JBuilder).

  8. If JBuilder seems to run slow on your machine check to be sure that Linux is recognizing all of your RAM. You can do this following these steps:

    • su as root
    • cat /proc/meminfo (this will show you how much memory Linux is recognizing)
    • Edit /etc/lilo.conf and add append="mem=128M" to it.
    • Open a console prompt and type "lilo" and press enter.
    • reboot
The Installer Still Fails

NOTE: These instructions assume that you are logged in as "root" and are using "sh" for your shell. Be sure to adjust the commands for your shell, if different.

We are still investigating install problems with JBuilder and could use your help. If you would like to help, we will need the debug output from running the installer on your machine. Here are the steps to get the complete debug output:

  1. Open a console.
  2. Create an environment variable named "LAX_DEBUG" and set it to true. For example:

    # LAX_DEBUG=true
  3. Export "LAX_DEBUG" so that other shells can use it. For example:

    # export LAX_DEBUG
  4. Run the installer. Observe the debug output that will be printed your console window.
  5. Copy ALL of this output.
  6. Paste the contents to a text file and save. You may exit/kill the installer at this time if it has not already exited.

Now that you have the debug output in a file you need to get it to Developer Support. The best way to do this would be to open a Web Install Support case at:


Let us know in the case notes that you have a debug output file to send to us. Do NOT paste the debug output into the case notes as it may be too much and could get lost.


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